Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Been YEARS!

WOW I have neglected this blog for like 3 years.
I plan to update it a lot more now.
Just to get everyone up to date I am now 24, my husband is 29 and we have two children, Judah David who is now 4 years old and Ora Koryn who will be 2 next month.

I love to read, take pictures, play with my babies, hang out with my husband, spend time with my entire family.

I am currently on weight watchers because I gained a ton of weight with my pregnancy with my daughter.
I have lost approx. 10 lbs to far and have been getting compliments on it.
I want to get back into running. I used to do running in middle school and some in high school.
I am doing pilates right now to shape up a bit more before getting out and running.

I will be posting a lot about my children, my family in general, my crafts that I create, crafts and drawings my kids make for me and books that I read and my own little reviews.
There will probably be a lot of pictures to go along with things I am addressing.

That is all for the time being as the son is calling me :)

And a couple pictures for your enjoyment.

My Sweet Sleeping Son

My Darling Dormant Daughter

Ora just adores her big brother!

My niece Becca and Judah and Ora on Easter

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