Friday, January 21, 2011

Flashback Friday

I don't know if many of my readers know, but my son was born premature.
I went in for a 32 week check up and they checked my cervix to see if I was at all dialted and because I had some discharge that I thought was my mucous plug.
As I was laying on the exam table the nurse asked me if I had been leaking any fluid.
"No", I responded.
The nurse didn't say anything back.
She got up and said "Let me go get the doctor".
I wasn't concerned. I thought all was just fine, until the doctor came in and told me my water had broken.

I was stunned.
I sat there for a few minutes absorbing the news I had just heard and when it hit I started bawling saying "No, no. It's too early!"
The doctor sent me straight to labor and delivery at the hospital of my choice.
When I got there, I was wheeled up to L&D, where I was given and u/s and the tech made me feel stupid saying that there was plenty of fluid around my baby and that my water had not broken.
While they had me in the wheelchair, I was just about in tears because of them telling me my water hadn't been ruptured and so on.
I was VERY relieved to see my doctor come around the corner and the u/s tech tried to tell him that my water hadn't broken and that I was to be sent home.
My doctor told them that I was to be admitted immediately because he had tested the fluid himself and knows that my water broke.

It's kind of a blur from there to when they got me to my room.
I was too preoccupied with the fear of my baby coming early and just wanting everything to be ok.

This all happened on a Tuesday.

I couldn't tell you what really happened on Wed or Thurs except that they gave me shots of steroids for the baby's lungs and that they also gave me several shots to stop contractions (which ended up not working).

On Friday morning a different doc at the practice I went to came in to check me.
I was 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced.
She told me that she was sure today would be the day.
Around noon I was given pitocin since I was so far dilated already and that there was a possiblity of infection to the baby with having the water been broken.
It was a high break and slow leak but obviously enough to cause concern of infection to the baby.
I was also diagnosed with group B strep which I was given antibiotics for.

Everything happened so fast it was all a blur.
At 6:01 pm, my first born son, Judah was born.
He weighed 4 lbs 9 oz, was 18 inches long.

He was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen and I just remember seeing his face and crying "My baby, my baby!"

They let me hold him for a second before whisking him away to check everything.
They wrapped him up and gave him back to me.
We took a few pictures and I got nervous because I couldn't feel him breathing.
I told a nurse and she snapped at me saying "He's fine. If he's not blue he is fine"

We also had issues with nurses in the NICU with telling my in-laws they hoped we didn't come in.
And a whole bunch of other things.

So we were very unhappy with that hospital to say the least.

I am so glad he is happy and healthy now. No delays or anything.
He is now 4 (will be 5 in May) and is bigger than most kids his age!

Here are some pictures from the NICU

Judah after birth

Mommy holds Judah

Mommy and Judah










The Masks were because we had colds and didn't want to get the baby sick.


1 Week old

Jonny changing his first diaper.



I had to pump 5 months and give him the breastmilk in a bottle until he FINALLY latched on!

Coming home!
Finally getting to come home.

So this is my flashback friday post.
It was seriously the scariest time in my life!
But he is now a big boy, who is very smart, healthy, sweet, wonderful and so many other things to me.

Isn't he SO handsome!

Hope you enjoyed this flashback!


Rebecca said...

How scary! I'm glad he was born healthy. What a sweet little baby boy.

Our Beaten Path said...

Oh goodness...What a sweet sweet baby who has grown up to be a very handsome young man. ;)
thanks for the visit over at my tiny space. New follower here!

Courtney from The Story of Us said...

How terrifying! I'm so glad he's healthy & everything turned out well for you both. He sure is a handsome young man!

bebe bird beck said...

Wow! that is scary.

He is such a beautiful boy!