Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some emotions and some cuteness!

On Monday we have to enroll Judah for kindergarten!
I was so happy and excited, but as I was driving I kept looking in the rear view mirror and looking at my handsome man.
I started to get all teary eyed and was holding back sobs remembering when he was a tiny baby.
I didn't think I would get so emotional about him going to kindergarten, but now I am worried about the first day he goes. My sister told me she cried all day long when ms. Becca had her first day of kindergarten. I may need to get a support group! lol.

Tonight is my husband belated birthday party. There are going to be SO many people here, and I just have no idea how I am going to handle it. I normally fall asleep around 9 pm and everyone will be here late and some staying the night.
I am not really looking forward to this at all.
I can't fall asleep around people either, because apparently I make weird noises and talk in my sleep. blah.

This morning I also can't seem to wake up this morning. it's 10:07am and I feel like I haven't slept a wink in weeks. Last night I was up a lot because I have been getting heartburn. I get heartburn when I eat or drink. It can be milk or water and I get heartburn.

This late May and early June are going to be very interesting. I am due May 22, Judah turns 5 on May 26 and my niece turns 1 on June 1st. I am wondering whos birthday this baby will decide to come on! But who knows, maybe no ones.

I am currently working on my first giveaway! I am not going to spoil the surprise though! I hope enough people will like it to want to join!

Ora is getting SO BIG. The other day she was saying "Owie", pointing to her diaper and saying "Poppy" (potty). Took her to the bathroom and she went #2! Then just now she said she had to go "poppy" again and I put her on the toilet and she went #2 again! YAY! She'll be in big girl undies in no time! :)

Daddy and Ora

Judah and Mommy!

P.S. My phone is broken. I left it in Addies carseat with her. She drooled all over it and I took it from her. I put it on the couch and like an hour or so later and immediately threw it down because it was SO hot! Baby drool cause short or something.

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