Sunday, February 6, 2011

My sweet boy. Anti-social

Lately I have been feeling SO anti-social. It's so bad that I when I go out front to get in the car/take the trash out or anything else that involves going out front I walk with my head down. I pretend I don't see the neighbor and avoid eye contact as much as possible just to avoid saying "hi". I feel like I just want to be alone in my house, with no one but my family around.

I do not enjoy being this way. I am sure it's depression causing it. I told Jonathan that I just get tired of faking a smile for everyone when all I REALLY want to do it cry.
It's pathetic, but I will eventually get better/over it. I go through phases, lets just hope it doesn't last TOO long.

On to something much more uplifting and fun. My daughter and son.

Judah is so sweet.
I was talking to Jonathan about this last night and
Judah said: "Mommy, but I love you!"
Me: "I love you too buddy"
Judah: "I love you like a shooting star that sparkles!"
Awww it made me tear up even more! My sweet boy making me feel better.

Ora's new thing is saying "WHAT?" like Lil' John.
It's hilarious and makes everyone laugh!

We had my birthday dinner with my parentals last night.
(My birthday is on Monday).
My parents got me a gift card that is for Dinner and a Movie for two so that Jonathan and I could go on a date! YES!
My little sister got me a card and wrote a very nice message that I almost cried to. I didn't because I didn't want everyone to see me crying (I guess I tend to hide my emotions a lot). She included 1 free night of babysitting! YES!
We just have to wait for her to have a day off and we get to go on a date FINALLY.
We totally need it, it's been not quite a year since our last date and I miss having time with my hubby, alone, without kids.
Oh and no cake or any sort of dessert. I was a little bummed but I told everyone it was ok because I am trying to watch my weight and I just needed some good food :)

I don't know what we are going to do today. Everyone seems to have some sort of super bowl party to attend and we don't. Oh well.

My little PS3 addict. We don't really let him play that long, I just thought it was funny he brought a controller upstairs when he came to go to sleep!

Seriously, the goofiest and sweetest little boy ever!

Pretty and silly little lady!

He does this when he has a cold lol!

Ms. Rae Face!

Toys. Fun!

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He has been pretty cooperative lately! YAY!



Sarah Halstead said...

Wonderful photos. I have been pretty anti-social too. I hate going out, I would rather just spend all day at home by myself. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am following you now.

Praises from a Wife and Mommy! said...

Such cute kids, you are a great photographer!

Thanks for stopping by and following. I am now following back! :)

Captivus said...

LOVE your style of photography!