Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tired of cold weather!

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Is it just me, or is anyone else getting tired of the cold weather?
I am tired of waking up depressed not being able to go anywhere because the roads are too icy and I am just not willing to take that chance with a few certain precious cargos in the back of my van and one within my womb still.

Luckily we had a couple days of nice weather. The first day was Friday, unfortunately we spent the days indoor cleaning for Jonathan's birthday party (bleh, such a waste of a nice day). Then on Saturday my sister and I decided we would take advantage of the semi-nice weather and take our little ones to the park. I was good except when the wind blew it got chilly!

I took them all to a new park they had never been to and they loved it. It was so nice to get the kids out and to let them run off some of the energy they had stored up from prety much the entire winter! I swear they were running non-stop for the entire time we were there, and being typical kids didn't want to leave when it was time!

The park we went to is nice with a rock climbing wall! It's short obviously but the kids always love it.

The only down part of the park what that there was dog poop EVERYWHERE! I was so disgusted. There is a LAW that people are supposed to pick that up because it can spread diseases. Why don't people take responsibility and pick it up. It would take a whole 2 minutes to pick it up and throw it in the trash.

Other than that it was great. It was a decent day for a photo opportunity!


Ora's first time on the big girl swing! :) I think she liked it!

Addie has lunch at the park!

Superman Judah!

He makes me nervous when he slides down the pole! I just have to remind myself he's not a baby anymore and will be 5 before I know it!

Super woman Becca Lynn

Becca on the monkey bars

Beautiful lady!

I told her no to something. I don't remember what it was but this is the face I got in response!

Grumpy pants!

Addie tries to eat a teddy bear!


The only half decent shot I got of him. Like I said they were running non-stop.

This one turned out bad. I stopped her mid run to shoot real quick!








024 copy
Happy baby! I told my sister that Addie has the baby grinch smile. I think it's so cute!

No running with shoes untied! Auntie April tied his shoe for him!





Day 29

Is this not the most handsome boy you have ever seen?? I may be a bit biased but I sure think he is!

Zonk a girl.

Hubby does the cooking. Why you ask? Because every time I do he has to critique it lol. So I cook maybe once a year (for the entire family) I always make the kids lunches!

Day 30
I love that they love each other!

Car washes are very interesting!

Or slightly scary depending on which child you ask.

Side note: I am claustrophobic and when we would go through these as a kid, I would be scared that the doors wouldn't open and it would keep us locked in forever!

Sweet baby hand!

Day 32

Also can I just say I am so proud of my sister!
With her first baby (Becca) she didn't have a whole lot of experience or help with breastfeeding and only made it to 3 months before her milk dried up.
This time around she had a VERY hard time after having Addie.
The doc but the epidural in wrong and she had to get 2 or 3 blood patches and had the worst headache for a week.
I am proud she pushed through the pain and is now still nursing and pumping breast milk for Addie! Addie is 8 months old now! :)


Heather said...

Great pics! I got to take our son a playdate last saturday to the park and if it isn't snowing or 8 degrees like it is right now, I plan to do it again this saturday..I think he really needs to fresh air..and so do I. Maybe daddy will go with us this time.

Thanks for joining the hump day hop!

I'm following back!

Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs

covnitkepr1 said...

Great blog...great pictures of a great family. Sorry...but I LOVE cold weather.

I have added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower also.

Johanson Family said...

Hi Cari!! Aw, love your blog title... cupcakes are my fav and my guilty pleasure!! You take some great pictures and I'm a follower!! Look forward to being bloggy friends!!! I'll be interested to learn about how life changes with baby #3!! Keep me posted b/c its a decision I can't seem to decide on....keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog AND leaving a message. :) Makes my heart go pitter patter.

Newbie on your follow page! :)

Ali Holt said...

cute CUTE kids. Found you on Paisley passions, I am your newest follower! Please feel free to stop by and follow me as well! :)


Rebecca said...

What sweet babies!

& I haaate cold. I'm in AZ, so it's not as cold as most places.

Rebecca said...

What sweet babies!

& I haaate cold. I'm in AZ, so it's not as cold as most places.

Michelle said...

Great pics! Following now from Friday blog hop!