Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Project 365

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Project 365:Days 26-32

Day 26
Day 26:So cute in the bath!

Day 27
Day 27: He says he is a turtle when he puts the shrek chair on his head :)

Day 28
Day 28: Hubby made awesome dinner. He was worried no one would like it but it was DELISH!

Day 29
Day 29: We took advantage of the semi-nice weather and went to the park! My nieces first time on the swing! She LOVED it! :)

Day 30
Day 30: Ora loves to hold onto someones arm and cuddle it while she is in the shopping cart!

Day 31
Day 31: Kitty Loves the sink. And loves to try to attack my camera!

Day 32
Day 32: I learned my niece can hold her own bottle. She is breastfed and gets breast milk in a bottle only when she is left with a sitter. I went to give her her bottle and she grabbed it and held it herself! BIG GIRL!

Wordish Wednesday


Carol said...

Hi Cari! Your kiddos are adorable! Love the snuggling the arm in the shopping cart photo & kitty in the sink. CUTE! Following you back :)

anna @petits bonheurs said...

the bath tub photo is the best ever!!!!:)))

Marie said...

Such adorable photos! I love the turtle one -- very clever of him :-) And the kitty in the sink - since we seems to always have a kitty in the bathroom sink too!

I'm a new follower.

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

So cute!! I love the bath shot and the kitty picture. And I think your son makes a perfect turtle!! Jealous that you've had anything that resembles anything like swing weather, we still have many feet of snow here!