Saturday, April 2, 2011


I dont want to be the only one not partying!
SO I am joining up with the Ultimate Blog Party 2011!


My name is Carolina, but everyone calls me Cari for short. I am a Christian, learning every day how I can live a more God pleasing life. I have been married for 5 years to a wonderful man names Jonathan (Jonny). I am a 25 year old SAHM to two amazing kiddos and a third on the way.

Somethings you may want to know about me:
I am passionate about being a wife, my husband comes before myself.
I am passionate about being a mother, my kids come before myself as well.
I am spoiled rotten and act like it at times, but I hate it and have been trying to change my behaviors.
I have a dysfunctional family, and it drives me crazy but I love each and every member anyway.
I am dysfuntional, I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety disorder.
I went through a hard patch in July 2010 and ended up in a behavioral health center where I was officially diagnosed (I self diagnosed GAD for years) and put on meds and I am much better today.
I am the worlds worst house keeper.
I love sweets
I love to be crafty. I love to crochet, knit a bit, sew and scrapbook.
I also love photography and try to take good photos, but I fail most of the time, but I still have a ton of fun with it!

Somethings to know about my husband:
He is a Christian and loves God.
He is the one who has pulled me through some hard times and is my rock!
He is passionate about our relationship and strives to do his best to make me happy, I love him to death for this because I am not the easiest person to make happy with my disorders.
He is the best husband a girl could ask for.
He is passionate about our kids, we go out on a date and while we are out he always has to bring something back for the kids!
I fall in love with this man more and more when I see him playing and caring for not only our kids, but our nephews and nieces as well, he is a great man and a great father!
He does all the cooking since he likes cooking and I loathe it (not to mention he doesn't particularly like anything I cook lol).
He is a great friend to all his friends and my absolute best friend.
We met on myspace when he was going to make fun of my picture but after reading my profile felt bad and it had touched his heart and sent me a sweet message which I disregarded right away.
It took me a month for me to respond. Once we got talking I just knew he was the one. I told my mom that I met my future husband on myspace. She thought I was crazy, but I really did know somehow that he was the one.
I am thankful for the strange picture I had up on myspace or I may have never met him, and who knows where I'd be without him.

My son Judah was born 2 months premature in May of 2006 and had to stay in the NICU for 2 weeks and 2 days.
You could never tell by the time he was 5/6 months old he was bigger than babies his age born full term. He had no problem catching up.
He is a super smart kid and amazes me with all the things he does and learns on a daily basis.
He is a loving child who is learning to love God and talks about it all the time.
He tells me all the time "Mommy, I love you in the whole wide planet!"
He is a little daddy, loves to look out for his little sister and make sure she is ok.
He wants to be just like his daddy when he grows up.
He has just started reading this week and read the sentence "A fat cat sat on a mat" and a bunch of other words with his Nana who does preschool with him twice a week.
He will be starting kindergarten this coming fall and is excited about it.
He is the best little man in the "whole wide planet" and I am blessed to be his mommy.
He is 100% mommy's boy.

Ora, my daughter was born in August 2008.
She is my gorgeous little lady and she knows how cute she is.
She is my rambunctious little one who is constantly getting into things she shouldn't and driving me nuts I love her to death anyway because it's not her fault she takes after me.
She is smart and amazes me with all the things she does as she is learning new things and new words.
She is a hugger and kisser. She is always hugging someone (usually her brother and driving him crazy).
She is a typical little sister and if her brother says he doesn't want to be touched she will sit there and touch him over and over and laugh when he gets angry, again not her fault she takes after me.
She is an insomniac, like me.
She's got her daddy tied around her little finger and knows how to work him over in no time. Daddy won't admit to this though ;)
I always said I would go insane if I had to live with someone like myself, and the Lord blessed me with someone just like me.
To be honest I get along better with my son than I do with my daughter. I do not love her any less, our personalities clash more.
She is 100% daddies girl and I admit I am sometimes jealous of how much she loves her daddy but loves to drive me crazy, on purpose. Again, that's how I am. I used to purposely drive my mom nuts.
She has a very tender heart and I know she really does love me, she just has a different way of showing it.
She is my wonderful, loving, gorgeous, sweet little girl and I am blessed to call her my daughter.

Ari, my baby still in my womb.
He is a wiggle worm and I love feeling him moving around, except for when he pushes on my bladder and makes me have to use the restroom every 5 minutes lol.
I wanted another boy in hopes he would be like his big brother and not drive me nuts, but I have this strong feeling that he is going to be just like his sister, just a boy version and that scares me HAHA.
He acts more like how his sister was in the womb than how his brother was. Judah was so calm and didn't move as much and I worried about him the entire time I was pregnant with him. Ora was constantly moving and it got to the point I would beg her to stop wiggling so much in my belly so I could get a break from the kicking of the bladder and feet getting shoved up under my ribs.
Ari is just like Ora. I tend to beg him to be still for just a couple minutes :).
I cannot WAIT to meet this little man.

My Blog
My blog is just for fun. I love to post pictures videos and some giveaways of things I made.
I like to post about my kids and their new things they learn and cute things they do.
I haven't been up to par the last couple weeks because I always get so fatigued at the end of my pregnancies that I start to slack on making posts, but I am trying AND I know I will post more once I finally have this little man.

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Tania said...

You know what? I'm betting that Ari throws you a curve ball and when he arrives he is just like his brother AND his sister AND his Dad AND his Mum AND entirely his own person all at the same time...(!?)

(lovely to meet you).