Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday








My baby girl doesn't feel good, butwhen.she hears me.taking pics she has to on the action :)

Handsome man disorganized dresser behind him

Can you tell she doesn't feel well? Poor baby

Silly gopher. What an adorable dude!

Dont mind the dirty mirror. Look how huge I am at only 32 1/2 weeks!!! Ugh im gunna die b4 he's born

You know Ora is sick when you say "go lay on the couch and take a nap" and she is out in under a min!

Silly booger man!

First blooms of spring!

This is a picture induced by boredom....

Daddy and little lady!

Husband attempted to manually blow it up. Decided not a good idea after having a wisdom tooth pulled

My princess all dirty from playing in the back yard. Parents don't have grass anymore

Finally got it mostly blown up. Kids got in for a couple minutes!

They had a BLAST!

Playing at great nana and grandads place in Longmont.

Playing with great aunt allisons old toys

Playing with toys

More playing!

Great Aunt Allison and Great Grandad playing with the kids!

How handsome is cucumber brows boy? Silly goober

All I can wear these days!!!! Pj bottoms. Ugh ready to have Ari then join weight watchers

Our family portrait by Judah, 4 years old. I love how Ari is a big smiley face in my tummy :)

Fixing my computer that's been driving me NUTS. YAY

Awes they love eachother!!!!

Judah made an awesome alien easter egg!!!!

Chubby cheeks!

One more.

Ora showing me a cool car!

"Pianta" as Judah calls it :)

My Girlie girl!

Beautiful smile!!!

Grimly face... I think he was just being very serious!

Mr. Sappy hands. Pine tree yuck...

Ora's turn!

Hit it Ora!!!!

Swing batter batter swing!!!

JM taking a swing.

Sonia had fun! The pinata attacked her haha

Ian broke an ear off.

Pregnancy hates me and I can't remember this little ones name.

Sophies turn!

Andrews turn!

Miriams turn!

Pooped out from the day!

Most handsome boy ever says "happy easter!!!!"

Happy easter from Ora!!

Cute little lady painting an egg!

Srsly cute!

J n B coloring eggs!

She was having fun!!!!!

So serious!

Fun fun fun!!!!!

My sweet niece sleeping!

Cute kids

Daddy and Judah playing!!!!

Ora coloring

My silly daughter!!! I love her silliness


Maegan said...

Oh I love sleeping baby/kid pictures! My son wakes up every time I try to sneak a sleeping pic, so I have to wait until I'm ready for him to wake up, haha!

Looks like they had fun doing Easter eggs!

Maegan :)

Nessa said...

What a great set of photos... look at your belly!!

Pins, Needles, & Kids said...

your kids are cuties! i love the crochet top too!

Pins, Needles, & Kids