Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some pictures!

I know you all have been waiting for picture of my little man.
He is so sweet, and strong, and resistant and so many other things. I love him more that I could have ever imagined!

Here are some pictures, and when I get the energy and time I will post a full birth story.

My gigantic little boy! Love him.
He is so big! He also has little restraints on his wrists because he kept pulling all of him connections off. Stinker lol.

Big hand!
BIg hand! You should see how LONG his fingers are!

Big squishy man. I want to hold him soooo bad!!!!
I keep looking at him and telling Jonathan that he doesn't look like our child!! lol. He looks so different from Judah and Ora. But one thing that makes me know for sure he's mine is his tiny cauliflower ears :) Just like mama.

Only tiny part of him, his teeny tiny ears awww

Cuuuuute chubby dude
He is our SUMO baby!

J-bug and I. I look like crap. Back to weight watchers I go!!
Hey look. A picture of me! Rare. But I need more pictures of my kiddos and me, and now that I am not pregnant I will do a LOT more picture taking with them!

Judah drew a perfect heart.
Judah draws very well!

Ariah Patrick Lee Terbush. My sweet boy

My boys like to give me a run for my money and make the first few weeks hard on this momma!!!
My boys like to give me a run for my money and make the first few weeks hard on this momma!!!

Judah got to meet his brother for the first time!! He was so happy!
Judah was SO excited to meet Ari. It melted my heart!

Sedation is done. He's fiesty though! He keeps trying to pull everything off of him.
No more restraints or sedation! He gets to move and stuff now!

Seriously THE cutest fatty ever!!!
Holding daddys hand!

Holding my boy for the first time!!!! No more intubation!!!!
Aww I loved holding him! I wanna hold him more!

Mixed emotions. So happy to.hold him for the first time so sad to leave.him in the NICU
Very mixed emotions. I was so happy I was crying to being able to hold him, but crying because I was sad to have to leave him in the NICU as I went home. We will visit him everyday until my man comes home!

That is all for now. These are all just phone pics. I have some other pictures and videos to play later once I upload them! :)


Nessa said...

what a cutie!! love the picture of you holding him.

TerinAleah said...

He is SO precious!! How much did he weigh?

Kayla Sue said...

Congrats!!! What a gift, children are such a blessing! and wow, what a BIG guy! :) Praying his time in the NICU is short and he can go home with mama soon!

Carol said...

Beautiful baby! Congratualtions. I hope he gets to come home soon.

~Jenn~ said...

He is so different from Judah and Ora, but every time I look at his photos and see you both...he is definitely "JohnathanandCari" I just don't know why. :-) Sending prayers your way.