Monday, June 27, 2011

Friday Saturday and Sunday

Friday was so much busy fun-ness.
My husband had his exit interview in the morning and I had a psych appointment. I thought I was stuck at my appt because brilliant me left my wallet at home nut luckily it was free parking that day!
We got to hang out afterwards for a bit we got some breakfast and then dropped the kiddos off at their Nana and Poppy's house to do preschool.

It was nice to be able to TALK to my husband and not deal with other things.
We also went to my sisters and my sister and I went to Kalli's apartment to hang out and see her babe Kendra.

We had a lot of fun over there. Kalli made us a delicious lunch which was SO nice of her.
We just talked and relaxed.

We then took pictures of our little ones next to each other and Ari is so BIG! He is as long as Kendra but skinnier.

(Oh I took Ari to the doctor and he is in the 95% for height 92% for weight and 75% for head circumference.) Big boy!

Anyway, Friday evening we went out to dinner. We went to La Fogata which is my absolute FAVORITE mexican food restaurant.

Saturday was a fun day as well! We relaxed most of the day and then had Jonathans Goodbye Long View nad Welcome Kiwi's party.

Jonathan got a new job! YAY so this was his departure from his old job party, and it was welcome to the second round of kiwi (new zealanders) family to come visit.

It has been 5 years since we see them. Then when Judah is 10, in another 5 years, we weill visit them in NZ. It's a switch back and forth type thing. Last time we went to NZ I had so much fun except for the plane rides. I HATE flying.

Anyway, the party was a blast except I fell asleep SO early it wasn't even funny.

Then Sunday morning we went to my in laws and had some Duffy Rolls with all of the kiwi family. After that we all got ready to do some stuff.

The boys went to Mount Evans and did a small hike. (I will have to try to get the pictures from them so I can post them.) Judah went with the guys.

Jonathan took Ora on a Daddy Daughter date to get frozen yogurt and home to try to nap.

I took Ari with me and the girls all went shopping. I got new swimming shorts to go over my swimsuit. I got the kids water wings, and some lip balms.

Went home and we all just relaxed because it was HOT outside and it was nice sitting in the nice airconditioned house.

That evening we had dinner with my mom and dad.

It was a great weekend. Here are pictures of the weekend!

Again.. my booger

My guy is soooo big. Kendra is 3 months and Ari is 1 month same length!

Cute sandals 2

Pretty pink flowers

Pretty yellow flowers

Bf and gf yes????

Boyfriend and girlfriend again. Ari just needs to gain weight

Playing with uncle Mohammed

Sweet pea
Playing on Michaels comp
First date :)
Ora likes her uncle mo
Tummy time
Trying so hard to lift his head
Macrame cord bracelet I made
Cousin David and Ora watching Monsters inc.
Mr Zeke.
Sleeping beauty
Mah boy n me
Yummy hand
Smack smack smack
Cute boy!!!!
He was eating

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Jenn said...

I feel so out of the loop! I didn't know JT got a new job. Congrats to him! You sound so up beat and happy. Sounds like you had a good weekend. I need to meet your little man...but I'm afraid it is going to have to be the end of July, somehow we always have something going on. your new header and theme. Looks very nice, don't know when you changed it...but looks good. :-)