Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sweet son

I just got this email from my mother-in-law. It truly touched my heart!

Hi, you two -
Just wanted to share something amazing, simple and powerful your son shared with me yesterday. We had been watching Super Book on the big floor cushions and I went into the kitchen to do something. Judah began to laugh - not loudly, but more of a laugh of discovery and delight. He came up to me, smiling from ear to ear and said, "Nanna, I just talked to God over there on that cushion." I said," That's awesome Judah! God loves it when you talk to Him." He replied, " I was saying 'thank you' to Him. God likes it when we say 'thank you' to Him." I was reminded in the midst of my life full of pressing needs and desperate prayers that thanksgiving is the way I am come into His presence, and He will meet me right there, just like He did Judah. What an awesome man of God you have!

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