Saturday, July 30, 2011

Being Myself

I have read over and over again that to gain readers just be yourself and not try to compare yourself to other bloggers because you will always think there is a better blogger than yourself.

This is so true.
It got me thinking, who am I in the blog world? What do I want to post about?

Well I am not very good with words, but I love pictures and videos.

SO my blog is going to be mostly pictures and videos. I will write things here and there when I get the urge or feel like I have something to post about but I will not post random crap because it's quite boring for me to write that stuff when I feel like I am just blabbing on about nothing and I imagine it's not too fun to read either.

Well that being said here are pictures and videos!

Where id his head go lolMiss Rae face

Tiny toes

Becca lynnpicplz_upload


picplz_uploadSee how awful it looks everyone is going to think we are not bad parents



Out With my sister



My sleeping sweetie he has such big hands!






Zig Zag likes to sleep with me.

1 comment:

taryn said...

true story!

i've compared myself and my blog so many times to other better bloggers and i've ended up deleting my blog all together!

i just realized too that i just need to be myself and post things that i care about and who cares if no one else cares about it, it's my blog...and hopefully people will like it!

so far it's working for me...well compared to my other fail attempts...haha

i liked looking at your pics! you've got cutie kids and animals!! hope you're having a great day!!