Thursday, July 14, 2011

Family Reunion

We had a Terbush family reunion two Sundays ago. It started with a photoshoot.
A family friend took the pictures for us.
After the photoshoot we all went to lunch. We went to a brewery for lunch and it was DELISH!
I had a cobb salad. So yummy.

After that we went to Mr Biggs Fun House and had a "talent show" which basically consisted of people just being silly.
It was quite funny.
Then we got to go play around at the fun house. We played Laser tag, Go Karts, Mini golf and so much more.

After we were done at Mr Biggs we went to dinner at a mexican restaurant that was not all that great. I was beat so we went home after that and went to sleep.

Here are a couple photos from that day!.
Grandma and grandpa with all of their family!
Our little family. Thank goodness for Weight Watchers. I will be loosing a bunch of that weight.
But Cute picture if I do say so myself :)
The Hubs and I. We don't have many pictures of us together because I am usually behind the camera. I need to get in front of the camera more often.
And my little Ari sleeping at lunch.

^^These were all pictures taken by the family friend.

Now down below are pictures taken with my phone!

When life gives you lemons.... take pictures of them!
A picture colored by one of my children. I am not sure which one!
Judah anna and Thomas are having fun on bumper cars
Judah Anna and Thomas on the bumper cars. They had so much fun!
Dinner time
Anna and Judah at dinner!
Hubby feeding the boy
Hubs feeding Mr. Ari. at dinner
Sleep sweet angel!
My sleepy girl at dinner. Shes so pretty.

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