Friday, August 26, 2011

My Ari Patrick

So a few days ago, more like a week ago or so, we woke up one morning and noticed that our little Ari's eyes were dilated differently.
We took him to our PCP who sent us to the pediatric eye doctor.

Turns out our baby boy has an astigmatism.
Not a big deal as it is a common thing, but they also want to rule out horners syndrome.
They do this by using a special eye drop and if it makes the eye that doesn't dilate properly dilate, it could mean horners and then we would have to get him in for an MRI.

I hope it is negative because I dont want to put my baby to sleep just to get an MRI.
They have to anesthetize babies because they move too much.

Anyway. Thats about it. I will keep everyone updated on how it all goes!

At the eye doc after dilating his eyes with the first type of eye drop.

After the eye doctor in his cool baby sunglasses to protect his poor dilated eyes.

Here you can see the different sizes in his pupils.

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Emily said...

He is absolutley adorable! I hope everything goes okay!