Thursday, October 25, 2012

10 Things

So I have decided that I want to start joining in on the weekly writing promts over at

For this week I have chosen prompt number 4.
4.) Write a list of 10 things you have said to your kids that other moms might not say.

1. Don't be a poop!
So our family... We are gross and like to refer to bodily functions a lot.
If you were able to listen in on our family for a week, I am sure you would be quite disgusted! HAHA
So when my children are misbehaving, being generally rotten, I commonly say "Don't be a poop!" or you can replace poop with other bodily functions.
I have been known you use said bodily functions as a term of endearment.. because I am just strange like that.
"Oh I love you my little poopy brains!

2. Carry Me.... Home tonight?
So, my kids absolutely love the song "We Are Young" by Fun.
It says "Carry me home tonight".
Well, I have taken to responding to my childrens "Carry me?" by saying "home tonight??". It irritates Ora like no other, but Judah just thinks I am nuts.
Well I am pretty nutty

3. Want to get a shot in your eyeball?
Whenever we are headed to the doctor the kids always ask if they are getting shots.
I will say no, but then ask them if they want to get a shot in their eyeball!
They giggle and say "You're just joking".

4. Well, I gave birth to you!
When my children are acting up, or misbehaving in one way or another, I always come back with "Well I gave birth to you! If it weren't for me you wouldn't even be here!
It has no effect on them what-so-ever! lol

5. There are monsters under the bed that will eat you if you get off! They only eat naughty little boys who don't sleep when their mama tells them!
One night, when my oldest son, Judah, was about 3 or 4, he was not going to sleep.
I was exhausted and he kept trying to get off the bed.
I finally told him there were monsters under the bed that will eat little boys who don't listen to their mommys and go to bed.
It didn't work. It is virtually impossible to instill any fear into these children, which in a sense is a good thing, but they also need some fear to protect themselves, but I won't get into that right now....

6. (Insert childs name twice) you're a little stinker pot, you went poopy made your diaper goopy, (insert childs name once) stinker pot.
This started when Judah was a baby.
My sister April was feeding him and sang "Judah David, Judah David, you should drink your bottle up! It is good for your tummy, it makes you chubby, Judah David drink it up".
She said that she had always made up songs like that for her daughter.
One day I was changing Judah's diaper and started singing "Judah David, Judah David, you're a little stinker pot, you went poopy made your diaper goopy, Judah David stinker pot."
Ever since then I have used that song for each child. I still use it for Ari :)
By the way you sing it to the tune of "Oh My Darling, Clementine".

7. You're mom (insert whatever they had just said)
So when my children say anything, I tend to respond sarcastically and say "your mom (insert whatever they had just said).
For instance, if Judah says "I need some paper to color on" I will say "Your mom's a piece of paper!"
I do it all the time.
They usually come back with "No you're not! You are mom!"

8. Come here. I need to bite your nails!
In our household, we couldn't keep track of nail clippers if our lives depended on it!
Someone always puts them in the wrong spot or a kid will take off with them and we will never see them again.
So much to my husbands dismay, when my kids nails get too long and I can't find the clippers I tell my kids I need to bite their nails.

9. Hold still! I need to get that booger!
Yes... I realize this is disgusting, but I can not STAND when my kids have "goblins" in their nose. Those dried up boogers...
So I have been known to pick my kids noses to get them out
I have even done so with my nephews and nieces.
I am sure I have thoroughly grossed you out by now...Sorry lol

10. Get your nasties away from me!
So. I hate feet.
I think they are ugly, dirty and just gross.
I refer to feet as nasties!
I don't even touch my own feet, that how much I hate feet!... Silly I know, but it's just me
So whenever my children decide to put their feet on me I tell them to "Get their nasties away from me.
This makes them want to touch me more with their feet.. They think it's HILARIOUS.... I think it's disgusting

And what is a post without a couple photos???
Kitten was purring. :) Ari loves to cuddle but tends to get too rough. But I watched him close and they both loved it!!
Pretty Ora!
Handsome lil punk.

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Emily S said...

The things we say to our children...priceless, isn't it?

mommatojoa said...

It sure is! I try to be funny with my kids. To have a sense of humor.

Stacie @ Snaps and Bits said...

Haha, don't be a poop! So funny. I wonder how my teen would react to that ;)

Mimi B said...

It cracks me up how we as moms can say basically some of the same things to our kids at some point and time. =) I'm happy I haven't had to pick my kids noses in quite a few years. lol Stopping by from Mama Kat's