Friday, October 26, 2012

Fab Friday!!

After school on Tuesday Judah had his new art class we signed him up for.
He enjoyed it a lot!
The Teacher is excellent and so very friendly.
Later that night we had his parent teacher conference!
Judah is doing SO well. He's reading very well and is right on target for everything.
He is doing better in math than anything else though.

Art class!
Showing me his drawing of a Phoenix.

This Wednesday my baby girl had her very FIRST field trip and I got to go!
For several days before her field trip I had been asking everyone I know and trust to watch Ari so that I could go with Ora.
Every time I asked someone they all said no
So by Tuesday, I hadn't found a sitter so I had come to terms that I wouldn't get to go with my girl.
Well, really late Tuesday night my lovely friend Toni said she might be able to watch him for me, that she would let me know in the morning!
At like 5 am she messaged me and said she wasn't going to work and that she could watch him!
I was beyond excited!
So I dropped little man off at around 7:45 and took the kiddos to school and got ready to go on the field trip.
We walked to the local fire station and took a tour.
I love watching how fascinated the children are with all the new things they get to experience.
Two ECE classes getting ready for their field trip!
Kids as far as the eye can see!!!
Tons of kids
Fire station
Super blurry, but the best shot of Ora I could get in the fire engine!
Love her!!!
Such a little cutie pie! I love her so!

Thursday, Ora had a well check up appointment so that she can go back to school on Monday!
She is healthy, not that I expected anything different...
I let the kiddos stay in their PJ's because it was cold and snowy outside!
At the doc!!

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Lacy said...

Fun fab things. :) Your kids are so cute!

Visiting from Laura's blog (Between The Lines). Have a great weekend.