Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

So, my DSLR died on me.
Then I got a point and shoot
It wasn't the best, but you know, it was a camera!
The dang charger got lost...... (sigh)
Hubby thinks he may have put it somewhere but isn't quite sure...
So we will see if it turns up!

All this to say, sorry for the not so great quality of photos as they were all taken with my cell phone!

(Beautiful Flowers!)

//Faceless Portrait//
(My son buried in leaves!)

//View From The Top//
(Two of my amazing children!)

(this will be a cozy quilt when I finish!)

(An Artist's studio desk)


Christine E-E said...

oh your faceless portrait is simply clever. so how did your son keep the dust from the leaves out of his eyes? what a brave guy.
nice shots with your camera phone.

Heather said...

All great shots and interpretations! I love the faceless portrait!! Pink is so pretty too!