Thursday, November 1, 2012


I haven't blogged the past couple days due to my craziness.
On Monday my friend Ashley posted on FB asking if anyone knew how to crochet or knit, that she wanted a cute costume for her baby girl Ava.
I responded and talked to her. We decided that I would crochet a costume for her.
We chose to make a mermaid costume!
After picking the kids up on Monday I got some cash from Ashley to buy the yarn.
I stayed up until about 2am crocheting, went to sleep and woke back up and crocheted until it was time for the kids to get to school.
I brought the costume with me everywhere Tuesday and worked and worked on it to have it ready.
I finished the tail and fins late Tuesday night and then at about 5AM on Halloween morning I woke up and crocheted the bikini top part of the costume! :)

Then halloween was a good day until I got the kids home from school.
I went to the school and took pictures of all the kiddos in both Judah and Oras classes, then spent the last hour or so in Judah's room with him.
It was a lot of fun and the kids are adorable!

It was on the way home that they started acting like uncivilized ANIMALS!
Judah wouldn't pick up his coat and backpack.
We get home and I tell them to leave their clothes and costumes on so we can go trick-or-treating.... They didn't, they stripped down to their underwear.
Ari fell asleep which he desperately needed and the older two kept hollering and fighting and being obnoxiously loud...
I told them several times to keep it down. They didn't.
I took it further and told them to sit down and zip it. They didn't.
They woke Ari up. Ari was screaming. I asked Judah to grab him a piece of bread since I was having some anxiety issues and a headache and he was the one who woke him up... He refused.
I decided to just warm up left overs from last night and fed the kids and myself. Ari finally stopped crying
While the kids were eating at the table, Ora kept sticking her hands in Judah's food. I told her to stop. She didn't.
She did it again, but this time wiped food all over Judah's face.

So that the the straw that broke the camels back!
I made the decision that they were not allowed to go trick-or-treating.
Imagine the horrible crying and whining you'd expect from this sort of news. It felt like it was 100 times worse after all I had been dealing with on top of the anxiety and headache.

Daddy came home. He wanted to take the kids, but I informed him of how the afternoon went.
He agreed with me. No trick-or-treating this year.
But ya know, it's good in a sense.
I won't be tempted to eat it all!!!
I would have the temptation of having the candy around when I go on the cabbage soup diet next week!
My sister has lost 8-9 lbs and her friend lost 10 so far and they aren't finished for the week.
It is basically a cleanse to keep your body working properly!


Yes I caved.
My niece wanted to see her cousins and trick-or-treat with them.
I honestly DID feel bad as I kept thinking:
"They only get to do this one year..."
"This is Ora's first year of REALLY getting into it because she could barely talk last year..."
"Becca wants to see her cousins and doesn't get to see them as much as they used to..."
"Plus, I use candy as rewards for good behavior, why would I spend money on some candy when I can get it for FREE?".... that sounds a lot worse after writing it down. :)

Doesn't Ava look adorable in the costume I made!!!
Here is little miss Ava in the costume I made for her!
Judah's art work!
Ora and two of her friends!
Ora's class!
Ora's fall art work!
My little bat girl!
One of the dads reading to Ora and one of her friends!
Treats for Judah's class!
Judah's class!
Belle right there... That's Judah's girlfriend Makena. He loves her :)
My handsome boy!
Judah and his teacher Ms. H.
Little Miss Kendra. So cute!
And because he's CUTE! My sleepy little man Ariah.
My sisters new kitty, Zuri. Zuri was a stray living at my older sisters apartment and my little sister couldn't let her be living outside anymore so brought her in!
And last but not least! A pumpkin decorated with candy!!!

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