Thursday, November 29, 2012

"His Nose Is Falling Down" #NaBloPoMo

Towards the start of this school year (a couple weeks in) I had been taking my kids to breakfast at school. One day we were just minding our own business, kids eating their breakfast and me just hanging out with them.

This kid then made some comment about Ari's nose.
Ari had a cold at the time that this all started so I thought maybe he was just grossed out by Ari's runny nose (I was wiping it continually because it grosses me out too when kids have boogers all over).

Well the same kid has continued to make comments about Ari and it has been weeks. I have just been ignoring it hoping the kid would finally just give it up. I mean, ignoring it is what you are supposed to do right?


Today I walked in and immediately I hear "Oh no! It's the 'something inaudible' baby". I ignored it... While the two oldest were eating, I was talking with Mrs. C (One of the teachers who has worked with Judah and Ora) and the kid says "That baby is so disgusting!".

Mrs. C was appalled and with a look of shock on her face she said "What did you just say?? WHY would you say something like that?"

Kid replies "well, because his nose is like, falling down..."

Mrs. C and I were equally confused as to what he was talking about and what he meant. She asked him "What are you talking about? I think he is a beautiful baby!"

Kid says "well his nose........... uh...... um...... I really don't know."

Well.. DUH... you don't know, you are talking nonsense!

I guess even though Ari is a baby, not a student and has no idea what is going on in the school takes it seriously as it lines up with their anti-bullying.

In other news, this stomach flu/bug has been kicking our butts! My word.
Thanksgiving day Jonathan was sick. He stayed in bed all day.
Thanksgiving night Judah and Ari got it.
I was feeling a little off Friday-Sunday a little nauseated and what not.
Monday I got pretty bad. I thought for sure I had hit the worst of it then.

Boy was I wrong, Tuesday my stomach was cramping so bad I felt like someone was ripping my intestines out. I had the really gross parts of the stomach flu. I had chills, my muscles and joints just ached and my joints had occasional shooting pains in the joints.

I could barely move. It took every little ounce of energy I had just to get to the bathroom on time.

I was not comfortable unless I was laying down, but I was running to the restroom so often I didn't lay much in the beginning of the day.
OH YEAH!! AND Jonathan was at work and I had all three kids home (Judah was sick and it was impossible to get O to school.)

Wednesday all was well. Everything was returning to normal.

Again I was wrong.
Today Jonathan came home early because he is getting it a second time and Ora was home sick.

It feels like it's NEVER going to end!

Sleepy man.

Bebe foot!
Cute BEBE foot.

I love it when he crosses his sweet chunky monkey legs while sleeping!!!
I love it when he crosses his sweet chunky monkey legs while sleeping!

My sickies
And my sickies today :(

NaBloPoMo November 2012

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