Thursday, November 8, 2012

It Gave Me Chills #NaBloPoMo

I truly believe that the Lord protects people and answers prayers.
I have many examples of times when I know the Lord heard my prayers and protected me from some sort of harm.

I am going to share a couple of my stories.

Babysitting Storm
It was a sunny spring day when I was asked to babysit for a neighbor of mine, who's son I used to work with at a daycare before babysitting him.
Elijah was about two years old when this happened.
I had asked for permission for a friend of mine to come along with me while I babysat Elijah.
His parents said that was fine and that we could go on walks or whatever.
My friend Judy came along with me and we decided to walk to the park and then to the store.
I don't remember much before the storm happened as I have the worst memory in the world but I do remember this distinctly.
We were walking down Cornell Street and the sky started to look very angry.
It was dark and had a somewhat green hue to it and I knew that the color green meant something bad was about to happen.
As we were walking I thought for sure there was going to be a tornado as the green can be an indication of one about to occur.
While walking as fast as I could I knew I had about a half a mile to a mile left to go to get back to my house or Elijahs house.
I remember fervently praying in my head and out loud "Lord, PLEASE let me get to shelter before the storm hits."
Then the thunder and lightning began and I just kept on walking and praying... praying and walking...

Meanwhile, my mom was about to take my little sister Kathi to get some swim shoes for a trip she was going to take with her class
My mom took the route she normally would have when she got blocked up from traffic as a traffic light was out.
My mom told me later that she felt like she was supposed to turn around and head to a different store with no reason other than the traffic.

As I was praying I saw my mom driving past us.
She stopped and told us to get in, that she would take us home as it was going to start storming soon.
Judy hopped in the car, I put Elijah in the car, folded up the stroller and threw it in the trunk.
I then climbed into the car and the second I had the door closed this penny sized hails just bore down on us in the car.
I had barely made it into the car before it happened.
Right then and there I knew the Lord heard my prayers and sent my mom in my direction to protect myself, Judy and Elijah from that horrible storm.
To this day, I get chills thinking about how everything played out!

His Protection Through My Stupidity

This next one, to me, proves that my Lord with come through for me even when I am making a really dumb decision.
I had been talking to this fellow from my school over chat.
He had expressed interest in me and like a fool I was playing into his game.
He was calling me pretty and making me feel good about myself all the while working his way into getting something out of me that he wanted.
He knew I had just broken up with my boyfriend at the time so I was vulnerable I guess you could say, so he used that to his full advantage.
One night he asked if I wanted to meet up to do... stuff...
Me, being the dummy that I was said yes, and even though I knew it was wrong I decided to go anyway.
I also had this gut feeling that something was off.
He asked me to meet him in the garage of the empty house he lived next to.
(Oh I should mention, he never once spoke to me in person at school though we would pass each other several times a day.)
I felt so uncomfortable that I went to the extreme and grabbed a knife and put it in my pocket for protection "just in case".
My brain was SCREAMING at me to stay home, but I was bitter over my breakup and he was paying attention to me!!!
Well I was walking down Cornell Street again (coincidence that both of these happened on the same street?).
As I was walking I prayed and prayed "Lord if something bad is going to happen, PLEASE make my mom get off work early and drive past, or make a friend drive past and stop me!"
As I was walking I noticed three figures walking towards me.
There was a light behind them and it was well past 9pm so all I could see were silhouettes and my heart jsut started racing.
I thought "Oh no, this is it, this is what I was worried about, it wasn't about , its these people. What is they try to hurt me?"
Quickly I grabbed the knife handle in my pocket but did not pull it out.
I just clutched onto the knife for dear life in case I needed to use it.
As the figures got closer I started to relax as I recognized the struts of each of these people.
It was my sister, her boyfriend and my ex.
When we got close enough to each other they stopped me.
I kept trying to leave and go meet up with the fellow I was talking to.
My sister fought me on it and kept telling me to come hang out, as my ex kept telling he wanted me back.
I tried to resist, but I knew this was God's way of protecting me from danger.
It was NOT what I was expecting and I surely didn't want to see my ex at that point, but it they were people I knew I could trust.
I knew with them I would be safe.
Again, I knew God had heard my prayers and led me and the other three into each others paths for a reason.
I don't know what would have happened if I had not ran into the three.
I am just glad that I did and glad that the Lord hears me and looks out for me despite my human nature to do some really STUPID things.
Said fellow who wanted to meet up with me was very angry about me not meeting up with me.
He said some pretty nasty things to me so I know it was meant to be, that I was stopped in my tracks for walking into what could have been a very bad night for me.


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Anonymous said...

Hey stopping by. Thanks for visiting my page. I totally agree with you on both parts. It was awesome God protected you from the storm. Also God is always saving my butt when I am hard headed and stupid. I am so glad He sent them. Today I was a guest on a wonderful ladies blog and the post was all about the power of prayer. If you want you should check it out. I love her blog.

CantBeTouched said...

Wow... I remember those days... I can't believe how different things are now from then. God does watch out and protect his children. God love you! I am glad we can still be friends:)

Carol said...

Enjoyed your post. The Lord does look after us and protects us, even in our own stupidity. I think we all experience it one time or another in our lives.