Monday, November 12, 2012

This Weekend I... #NaBloPoMo

This Weekend I... found my camera battery charger! :) I didn't get around to taking any photos with it yet!

This Weekend I... got a new coffee maker, coffee and creamer from my mom!

This Weekend I... found out I lost two more pounds!

This Weekend I... stuck to my diet every day except Friday when I went a little overboard on some delicious cheese steak pizza!

This Weekend I... got pinched by my sons hermit crab and cried while trying to figure out how to get him off my finger. That stuff HURTS!

Freaking OUCH!!!! There is a first time for everything. The hermit crab never pinched anyone... Until tonight. He got my finger. Every time I tried to get him off he pinched harder. I cried. I had to put him under water to get him off!!!

This Weekend I... uploaded many of my kids artwork pieces and backed them up on several different sites :)
Awesome Robot By: Judah
My very favorite, he drew my favorite Doctor from "Doctor Who" and the Tardis!
By: Judah
Me being pinched by the crab By: Ora (Judah wrote the words)
Pumpkin By: Ora

This Weekend I... had lima beans and ham hocks for the first time in a LONG time and it was delicious!

This Weekend I... wore flip flops and a t-shirt while everyone else was bundled up.

I wear flip flops when its cold...

This Weekend I... signed up on so PLEASE ASK ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE, if you want to remain anonymous just check the "hide name box"!

This Weekend I... attempted the 10 on 10 challenge and ended up taking a very long nap so I gave up after two pictures!

10 on 10- 8:30am. the boy enjoys playing with my hair. He loves to braid!
10 on10- 9:30am. Reading up on some psychology stuff.

This Weekend I... couldn't tell what my daughter was saying about my hair and why she needed to brush it. I thought she was saying the FOUR letter word that starts with "F". Daddy corrected me through the video!

This Weekend I... enjoyed watching Ariah playing in the box train that his big brother made!

Ari playing in the box train that Judah made
My life. My three little loves.

This Weekend I... listened as my husband read parts of "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" to Judah, so if you were wondering if this was a posed shot, it wasn't. I snapped it while they were reading!

2012-11-11 06.18.31

NaBloPoMo November 2012

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