Friday, July 23, 2010


Yesterday after a trip to Walmart we saw this gorgeous rainbow.
Of course the pictures don't do it any justice. It was a double rainbow and its the first one I have seen that I could see the full arch.
So of course I had my husband pull off to the side of the street and the even though I ran across a field to get a picture of the full thing I STILL had to take two shots and merge them together.

Not the best merge but you get the idea :)


Vanishing into the clouds

Then there was a blue sky break through.


Jonny said...

I love the blue sky picture :)

~TrainMama~ said...

It was beautiful! Thanks for joining my swap :)


Samantha said...

i've never seen a double rainbow before. :O i hardly even ever see rainbows, to be honest. >.< i love the last pic with the opaque blue sky.


Tima said...

Beautiful shots. I've tried to take a picture of a rainbow before, and it never worked.
Stopping by from SB I'm a Blogger

Crystal Arcand (3Stairs) said...

Oh, it's a lovely merge! I saved it to use for my link to your blog!

(3stairs visiting from Swap-bot)

The Brown's said...

That is crazy I have never seen anything like that before.

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Treehugger_31 said...

Double rainbows are so pretty! I haven't seen one in years though. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!


Alexandra and Julia said...

I love your rainbow pictures. What camera do you use and what mode? I've tried to take pictures of the rainbow in the past but it never worked:(

Pauline said...

What a beautiful picture. I am never without my camera because you just because you never know what great pictures you are going to get or might miss.

Kristen @ said...

I absolutely love seeing rainbows and what a beautiful double one!

JudahsMommy said...

Thanks all! I am glad you enjoyed my pictures.

"Alexandra and Julia"- I use a Canon Digital Rebel XS. I use it in TV mode and shoot away. :)