Sunday, July 18, 2010

A lot to update about I suppose

Today was an interesting day. We went to church and my big boy is now in the 4 year old room and he sure seems to like it. I get such a thrill out of seeing him learn about our God and His wonderful love!
The nursery room where Ora goes had a lot of compliments on how happy she is and that she talked the most today than they had ever heard her talk. She is growing and everyone loves her! :)

After Church we headed to my in laws house to pick up some fans for us to borrow, and a couple other things. They fed us lunch which was very nice, I had a turkey sandwich on that really thin bagel thing and a pickle wrapped in turkey. Very yummy we didn't stay to long as they had to start cleaning before their church group they have at their house.

We went to my parents afterwards because they wanted me to take a few shots of a tree that they have to cut down. It has been there since they moved in and it was a tiny tree at the time. My parents love the tree cause it give the house so much shade, but now it is just more dangerous, for example a heavy snow fall and the tree breaks or something like that it could fall on the house. So they made the decision to get it cut down.

This is the beautiful tree that will be no longer :( Might I also mention, that is the house I grew up in and lived in until I met my husband :)

My parents suggested we go to CB for some lunch-ish and to visit my sister.
Well April, my other sister met up with me and I was looking at my nieces loose tooth. I started wiggling it and almost had it out until my husband (Her uncle Jonny) decided to freak her out by saying "No don't pull it" and stuff along those lines.
Becca ran to her mom and then as we were walking out the door Becca ran up to me and said "I want you to pull my tooth." I told her I would when her mommy brought her to my house that evening. Well after all the drama (Becca is a major drama queen) I got her to lay down, I pulled it and said "That's it, its out" and she was jumped up and shouted "YAY" with joy and realized it didn't hurt a bit.
She kept saying "I am SO excited" and "Now I can squirt water out of the gap" etc etc

It was very cute.

Goodnight all.