Monday, July 26, 2010

Nieces Party

Saturday was my weight watchers weigh in and I have lost a TOTAL of 18.6 lbs! I am so excited to keep loosing and looking better. I am getting so many compliments!

We also had my nieces birthday party at Chuck E Cheese that evening.
So my beautiful niece has turned 6!
I can not BELIEVE she is already 6 years old.
Time seriously flies by!

She is so smart, beautiful, wonderful, amazing and seriously just like my own daughter.
I love her that much!!!!
I was there to witness her being born, I was there all the time the first few weeks of her life. I have always felt that she helped me recover from my miscarriages and thats why I have such a deep bond with her.
I got to be a second mom to her and its amazing.

This post is about her :)

I can't believe she was ever this tiny! oh and thats me in my skinny stage!

She was so tiny!

Her and I on Christmas day!

Now she is so big!
And has a little sister now!

Now for the birthday party pictures. I had forgotten my card for my cam so we had to use a phone :(

2010-07-24 19.34.23
Birthday girl!!!!

2010-07-24 19.33.35

2010-07-24 19.32.48
Addie Rae

2010-07-24 19.32.36
Grandpa feeding the Addie girl

2010-07-24 19.33.15
Becca playing a game

2010-07-24 19.35.23
My girl wanting to play

2010-07-24 19.36.22
All who came minus kidlets and me lol

2010-07-24 20.37.20
if I don't plaster my hair with hairspray my wisps are all over! lol

2010-07-24 19.36.04
B-day girls mommy

2010-07-24 20.40.31
Grandma with her newest grandbaby!

2010-07-24 20.47.15
Her cake!

We are a group of talented singers huh? lol j/k



Young Mom said...

Happy Birthday daughter will have her 6 soon this January 15..

a.m. design said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I am also going through that journey and seeing the pounds drop is so motivating.
-Hotcakes on SB