Monday, August 9, 2010


So I feel odd today. I am not sure how this post is going to turn out.

I will start with Friday evening.
On Friday my sister and I were headed to the Dollar Tree to get some scrapbook stuff.
When we were turning turning the corner of the street DT is on some guys in a old truck smashed into the back of the car.
The thing about this, is that they did this on PURPOSE! We had to get in front of him to get to the turn lane and I assume this made him angry because they hit us, and kept driving as if nothing had happened flicking their cigarettes out the window and looking right at us.

Oh it made April and I SO angry. April was crying and yelling saying "THERE'S A BABY IN THIS CAR" and so forth. She was really shaken up about it all. I was calm, trying to calm her. She told me to call the cops and I told her to check on the baby (Who I knew was fine). While on the phone the lady asked if we needed medics out there. I said it would be preferable to calm my sister to have them tell her Addie was fine.

So basically thats all. We gave a report and the people who hit us got away and we get to deal with the damages.

My brother-in-law came to check on everyone and talked to the cop and the cop basically said we were "SOL, because the chances of the other person getting caught was not going to happen."

It was not a fun experience to say the least, but we are so thankful to God that He kept us all safe and no one was injured.

I swear when I am in a car that car becomes a magnet for other cars. I have been in too many accidents for me to even remember all of them. It sucks.

Saturday we went to Archivers for scraptopia, and free projects. Well when we got there they told us there were no babies allowed so we had to leave which was a BIG disappointment and it angered me that they said that. I offered for April and my mom to come over and we can scrap together here, but April was too upset and just wanted to go home.

So that was my bad Saturday experience.

Then yesterday, we went to the mall after church to have just have something to do.
It was all good until we were in the book store and Jonathan had to use the restroom and Judah said he needed to as well. Well apparently Judah kept pulling Jonny to the kids department, so Jonathan was going to leave him with me.

Judah said "Mommy I want to go to the kids section" and I told him not right now and turned for a split second to grab a book and Judah was gone. I ran to the kids section and was calling his name. He didn't respond. I was running all around the store trying to find him. Finally I asked another mother there is she had seen him, then I burst into tears.

The lady told a store worker and they called security had them standing at the door and were about to call mall security when one of them saw me and said "We found him!" and I ran over and he was with Jonathan. He ran after daddy so that he could go to the potty.

I was SO relieved when they said they found him and he was with Jonny.
Then I was so ANGRY with Judah for taking off like that.

Jonny told me that when they came out of the bathroom Judah was pulling for the kids section, and Jonny was pulling him saying we have to go see whats up with mommy.

One of the store workers ran up to them and asked Jonathan all defensive like "Whats his name?"

Jonathan just looked confused and said "Judah."

Then I came over and Jonathan was hugging me cause I was still crying.

I can just imagine what the store worker was thinking of Judah pulling away from Jonathan and Jonathan pulling him back. Probably looked like an abduction. Thankfully there wasn't one and he was safe with daddy but I chewed him out BIG time about running from me, and that if hes going to be with daddy he needs to tell me so I can watch or take him to his dad.
Gracious my heart and stomach hurt for a while after that.

So this last weekend was not the greatest.


~Jenn~ said...

Scary losing kids. I've had moment where Isaac ran and disappeared and I couldn't find him and in a matter of a millisecond you can be so freaked out. Glad it all worked out.

Treehugger_31 said...

Wow! What a bad weekend! I hope things improve for you.