Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lots of Stuff

So on Aug 22 my beautiful baby girl turned a whole 2 years old! I just can't believe I am a mom of a 4 year old and a 2 year old! I don't feel old enough :)

I have also kept myself very busy with doing all sorts of arts and crafts, mostly ATC's for swaps on!

I have also been having some health issues like UTI, hernia, intestinal stuff, finding out I may have glaucoma but I may have just been born this way, throwing my back out and so on. It hasn't been a very comfortable few weeks, but as of right now I am doing much better.

We found out by process of elimination that I have a sensitivity to gluten and being on a gluten free diet has helped out with all my stomach pains and issues. I am glad to not have those anymore.

Now to get away from the boring stuff, I want to share a few Judah-isms and Ora-isms.


-He always says better-ly.
For instance we went out back and he was riding the bike he got for his 2nd birthday.
I said "Wow, we need to get you a bigger bike, you're too big for that one."
He looked at me and said "Yes, when I was little I could ride it better-ly"

-Ora was screaming and crying and saying owww last night and I started crying and told Jonathan that I was worried about her. Judah was in the kitchen and he brought her a drink and then came and sat on my lap.
I was crying and Judah said "I am worried about Ora's hurt".... he paused and grabbed my hand and said "It's ok mommy!" We totally melted my heart!

-Yesterday Judah told daddy "Mommy hurt someone when we were leaving the Dollar Tree today".
Jonathan asked him how and Judah couldn't answer so Jonathan asked him "did she hurt someone with the car?"
Judah said "Yes".
I was laughing hysterically by this point because he totally misunderstood what happened.
As we were getting in the car I heard a lady across the parking lot that a man had fallen and to call 911.
I saw a young man run over and pick something up. I thought it was a motor cycle at first but I buckled the kids in and told Judah I was going to see if I could help the man who got hurt.
We drove past and the police were there already and it was an old man who fell out of his wheel chair and the wheel chair had fallen on the man.
It was upsetting to me. It really made me sad. I just thought that it was funny that Judah thought I had hurt someone.


-Ora LOVES babies and is constantly carrying a baby doll with her and feeding it and changing it's diaper. Also when she sees her cousin Addie she always tries to pick her up and stuff. It's so cute how motherly she is at only 2 years old!

-She LOVES to antagonize her brother. She chases him around the house and when Judah finally says "STOP FOLLOWING ME" and starts running she runs after him laughing hysterically. When we are in the car she will continually growl at him just to make him mad. Naughty boots.

-When she says "Papa" it could mean 3 different people: Grandpa, Poppy or Grandma lol. She can't say grandma so she just calls her papa too!

I love my children, they make me laugh everyday!

I got to go four wheeling on Monday with my sisters and brother-in-law.
It was my first time going and I had SO much fun. I hope we can do it again soon!

Well I suppose I will post a few pictures now!

You know I just realized someone put 3 candles on her cake lol.

my gorgeous 2 year old!



Ora is just chillin'! :)

Cute little man!

My friend Tiffany and her little lady Gwen..

My mother-in-law got Addie to sleep like this. No one can do this lol. She must have that special touch with her.

Ora's birthday cake!

Gwenie giving Ora hugs goodbye.

Typical. Gwen thinks Judah is her boyfriend and Judah is like "Why is she kissing me?" lol

Beautiful Addie Rae.

And I must introduce to you my handsome new nephew. Ezekiel Thomas!

Smiling Addie

This one is adorable with an adorable story behind it as well. I gave Becca a new necklace and she wanted it on. Judah said he would put it on. He was trying and she kept moving and asking if he was done and he finally said "Hold still! And be patient!"

Ora wearing Grandpas hat!

I love how she looks up to Judah and trusts his guidance!



I love his eyes. They change from blue, to green to silver.

I have amazing kidlets!

Rolling down the hill!





I told him this was yucky. lol







She didn't want to hold my hand. She wanted to hold grandpas hand lol

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~Jenn~ said...

So good to see you on here! I've been missing these photos and updates. Ora is growing up so much! Love the stories, keep posting them. I had more specific comments, but by the time I got to the end, I couldn't remember them...