Sunday, January 9, 2011

Been too long

It's been much too long since I have last updated this blog.
I really need to do a better job of it, so I am going to play catch up right now.
Last time I updated was shortly after my 12 week appointment! I am 21 weeks along now. NOT ACCEPTABLE!

So our Christmas was fun, hectic, wonderful, chaotic, warm and crowded.

My sister, Heather, from Nebraska and her family came to Denver for Christmas. It was the first time we have all been together (all of my parents grandkids and kids) for a Christmas.
The only bad part of the vacation was that just about everyone got sick in one way or another.

It started with my sister, April, the day after Christmas.... She got the stomach flu. A day or two later Jonathan got the stomach flu. Next came my nephew Arron, then my mom and then my niece Sadie.

I was just bracing myself for this nasty bug. I hate stomach sicknesses more than anything and tend to always get them by even hearing about one.

Well then a nasty cold started spreading around all of us.
I got the cold and I am still fighting it off. It seems to be getting progressively worse.
Wasted money on Urgent Care because I haven't been able to sleep for the past two nights due to being in so much PAIN.

Now to stop with all the complaining about how sick I am I should update about my dad.
My dad has had heart surgery scheduled for the past month or so and is to take place on the 18th.
Well this past Thursday night/Friday early morning he was in a lot of pain and thought he was maybe having a heart attack. He was taken to the ER and they found it was his gall bladder so he had to go in for surgery to get it removed on Friday.
He is still going to have his heart surgery as planned.
I can't imagine having two surgeries within a week and a half of each other.
Please, keep him in your prayers.

On Friday we also had our 20 week u/s and found out we are having another BOY!
His name will be Ariah Patrick. My dads middle name is Patrick so it's my dads namesake. :)

About a week before Christmas we got a bunny that we named Eggburt. Sadly he passed away on Christmas day.
He was sick and we had taken him to Alameda East which is veterinary ER. They gave him meds but he was just not strong enough to pull through.
Jonathan had made me promise that I would not get anymore pets if something were to happen to Eggburt. I promised.
Later when he told Judah that our little Eggburt had gone to Heaven, he told Judah we could get another bunny if he wanted to.
We did and his name is Bandito. Sweet soft bunny.

Well, I can't think of what else to write about so enjoy these pictures!

This was Eggburt

Judah Loved him!

Judah and Ora

Judah and cousin Sadie playing on our new PS3.

My Beautiful little girl!

My Handsome little man.

My niece Monica holding eggburt.

Miss Ora Koryn got the cold. She was miserable!

My parents and all their grandkids.
Top: Arron (16), Dad holding Ora (2), Mom holding Addie (6mths), and Kenny (14)
Bottom: Twin Monica (9), Sadie (11) holding Judah (4), Becca (6) and Twin Angie (9)
The twins don't look like twins at all :)

Addie Rae and myself. Well I guess Ari is in the picture too, just hiding in my womb

My sisters and I. Heather, April, Me and Kathi.

Mom, Dad and us girls

Can you tell the kiddos weren't happy?

Little Cheeser


Picture 010
Ariah Patrick :)


dominicarain said...

omg I cant believe how grown up the kids are getting!! they are as gorgeous as ever! and congrats on another son, I love his name!!

mommatojoa said...

Nica! I didn't know you had a blog! So glad you commented!

I can't believe how big the kiddos are getting either! They are huge ;)

I am glad to hear you like Ariah's name. I was worried everyone would hate it lol

Treehugger_31 said...

Poor Eggburt!! I'm so sad. :( But I'm happy that you have a new bunny to love.