Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The New Year.

I read on another blog about choosing a word to try and live by for an entire year.
I have chosen my word and it is: motivation
I need to try and find motivation for many things.
Motivation to draw closer to God, motivation to keep my house clean (I am the WORST house keeper ever!), motivation to do more things with my kids then just stay in the house all day, motivation to watch what I eat, motivation to exercise, motivation to read, and motivation to SO many more things.
I have always had a problem with being motivated to do anything for an extended period of time. I will be adamant about my house being spotless... but after about a week or so, it looks as if a few tornadoes have hit it!
Well two tornadoes have hit this house. Tornado Judah and Tornado Ora and a third is predicted to arrive sometime in May, Tornado Ari.

So yes I need the motivation to keep on top of these tornadoes and keep my house at the very least decent!
I am also trying Project 365 for the third or fourth time. I failed terribly the first few times I have tried, but I really want to accomplish this. It would make me feel like I can do something and that I don't actually fail at everything I try.

On to other things.
My father was supposed to go in for surgery again on the 18th of this month but the cardiologist called and told him that they should push it back until next month to be sure that the wounds from getting his gall bladder removed heal nicely and do not get infected. It would be a terrible thing if they did the heart surgery and there was an infection that could/would spread to his heart.
This is actually quite a relief to me as well as my dad. He has time to relax and heal and not be rushed into another surgery so soon. The heart surgery is scheduled for Feb 24. Praying that all goes well.

Lately I feel as though I have worn out my welcome at peoples houses due to my little tornadoes I mentioned above.
I always thought I did a pretty good job of getting my kids to clean up at other peoples houses or cleaning up after them.
But on Monday I spent the day with my mom and dad and to me it just seemed as though they just wanted me gone.
Then I spent the day with my sister yesterday and she seemed to be annoyed, she told me that she just gets frustrated because she works hard to keep her house cleaned and its hard when it gets destroyed. It's because of my kids. They pull every toy out of the room (though I am constantly telling them to put them back or go put them back myself.
My sister does some of this as well and I always appreciate it seeing as with this pregnancy I have been SO fatigued and there hasn't been one day I have not been sick, so I was thankful for the help with my little monsters.

I fail at parenting as I have not taught my kids how to clean up after themselves because I just naturally do that for them.
So yes it's my fault my kids are monster tornadoes.
I feel guilty, depressed, stressed, overwhelmed and so many more thing that I can't even put into words.

Laundry is a whole different story.
We have WAY too much of it. It doesn't even fit in our closets and my husband refuses to get rid of most of it.
There will be t-shirts with hole in the arm pits and ripped and frayed around the neck and he doesn't want to get rid of them.
So basically our basement is a holding lot for our massive loads of clothes.
I am about ready to just choose what to keep and what to throw away. I may get into "trouble" by doing this, but it's got to be done AND Jonathan can't stay mad at me forever right?

Well today I accomplished getting the dishes done and cleaning off the counters and stove.
I swept and mopped though the floor still looks gross because its stained from stuff being spilled all over it.
I cleaned off the incredibly cluttered computer desk (a.k.a. table) and got it looking nice.

Now I sit here trying to get more motivation to continue cleaning up the living room. Bleh.
Judah is currently picking up his toys, but it's the most annoying thing having to tell him each individual toy to pick up, especially when I am loosing my voice and it hurts to talk.

Sorry about the down post that is filled with ranting, but I needed to get this off my shoulders.

Here are days 1-11 of my 365.
Day 1
Day One, we got our new bun bun. We named him bandito, but I need to change the name because it just doesn't fit him.

Day 2
Day Two, been sick for a week or so and have been sucking on these things like candy because my throat hurts so bad.

Day 3
Day Three, hubby made biscuits and gravy for dinner and it was scrumptious!

Day 4
Day Four, Koryn found a picture and was telling me who was in the picture!

Day 5
Day Five- Silly girl. I tried and tried ti teach her how to hold it, but she insisted on doing this!

Day 6
Day Six, still sick cough drop have ceased to work, this was my next remedy...

Day 7
Day Seven, IT'S A.... BOY!

Day Eight, Someone just didn't want his picture taken lol

Day 9
Day Nine- My sister lets me know about my dads surgery

Day 10
Day 10, 21 weeks some odd days.

Day 11
Day 11, my gorgeous niece Addie Rae

I believe you can click on the pictures to see them larger. :)


~Jenn~ said...

I'm glad you are writing again. I was thinking the other day how I miss reading your posts. It's funny, I read a lot of blogs and some of them are just poorly written making them painful to read...which is why I began to miss yours. :-)

I'm doing 365 too! :-) I'm using several, my smug mug and, because I'm convinced I failed at it last time because I didn't have a good place to display, so I'm trying to find a good one. Would you mind checking in occasionally to one of them and leaving me notes so I know someone is looking? :-)

It always helps with the motivation, to have someone to be accountable too.

PS...when you guys are feeling better we should get together again and let the kids play. You are always welcome to come over here and play....we just do nap at 1.

Treehugger_31 said...

I love your new bunny! He's stunning. I have a bunny too named Fiji. :)

Jonny said...

I can't make the pictures bigger