Tuesday, January 18, 2011

lovely sounds and other things

My family is amazing.

As I sat here last night at the computer on the main level of our house, I could hear my wonderful husband, adorable son, and gorgeous niece playing LittleBigPlanet on the PS3.
I love the laughter noises, the frustrated noises, the squeeling, the whining, the excitement and the all over fun time noises they make.

So far, my favorite would be Judah talking to his father saying "Better be careful Jonny-Boy!" or "AHAHAHAHAHA I'm going to beat you Jonny-Boy".
This is far too amusing.
Judah definitely got this from my father. My dad is the only other person that calls Jonathan "Jonny-Boy". It's just more amusing coming from a 4 year old!

I am feeling pretty down on myself about my weight.
I am going back on weight watchers as soon as this little man is born!
Before I got pregnant, I was going to weight watchers weekly and had lost 25lbs.
Then I got pregnant.
I am 22 weeks and have gained all 25+lbs back. :(

I am going to be eating much healthier from here on out to control my weight and don't end up at 300lbs by the end of the pregnancy.
It is ridiculous. I am going to be counting weight watchers points. My OB said I can do 30 points while pregnant.

My current obsession is tea! Ever since getting this cold (going on week 4 now) I have been drinking SO much of it in hopes of my throat feeling better.
It seems as soon as my throat starts feeling better, I start coughing again and then my throat hurts again. This is the worst and longest cold I have ever had.

I also want to ask, how can I make my blog more interesting?
I would love to get more friends/followers!

this is my daughters newest face :)






Becca and Ora with the pouty face.



Ora is my midget girl. She is almost 2 and a half, her cousin is 7 months. They are about the same size, Ora just has longer legs making her just slightly taller. Ora weighs maybe 5 lbs more too. She's always been a tiny tot! It's just funny when she asks to hold the baby as big as her :)

Naughty girl!



My son is never still long enough to tke many pics. Ora is a hambone though

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~Jenn~ said...

My biggest fear about getting pregnant again is the weight gain. Since you've been pregnant, weight watchers revised their points to points plus and it's thrown me for a loop, but it also gave me more motivation because instead of just guess or estimating on things like I used to, I have to log it.