Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby legs. Cute niece and daughter

On Wednesday our state taxes came back.
We got up and took Jonathan to work. On the way we stopped for gas and breakfast.
After dropping him off at work the kiddos and I went to the dollar tree.
Judah LOVES going there because he can always get one toy when we go there (it's a special treat).
After the dollar tree we went to Walmart where I got several pairs of knee high socks so that I could make MATCHING baby legs!

It was then about time to drop Judah off at preschool with his Nana (my MIL does preschool with him 2 times a week and Judah is learning a lot!)
I dropped him off and headed to my sisters to just hang out with her.

While there I made Adalee some baby legs! It was fun (time consuming when sewing by hand though) and they are SO cute on her. April couldn't stop talking about how adorable they were and thanking me for making them for her!

I now need to make some for my little lady. She has been waiting so patiently and asking "Peeeesh" every time she sees a pair of the socks I bought. I told her today that I was going to make her some and she got SUPER excited and yelled "YAY!" as she clapped her hands.

I don't know where to find socks to make some for my little Ari when he is here. I have a while because he cant even wear them for several months after he's born because he will have baby chicken legs :)

I haven't taken enough pictures of Judah these past 6 months and it makes me feel so GUILTY but it's just SO hard when he never wants to sit still long enough to do so.

And what everyone really wants in a blog post..... PICTURES!

My little lady fell asleep at auntie Aprils. Notice the bear :)

011 copy

She is SO close to pulling herself up to walk :)

Baby fingers. Sweet!

Gorgeous lady. She has a cold poor baby

Another day she fell asleep on Auntie Aprils floor again. She LOVES that bear apparently, as she always falls asleep with it at Auntie Aprils.

This shirt was clean when we put it on her. She is THE messiest 2 1/2 year old EVER!

So we changed it! This one didn't stay clean very long either! lol

013 copy
Baby leg love! I think they are pretty cute! Also, I made the blanket she is laying on too!

You can tell she doesn't feel well. Poor Becca had the cold too!.

Beautiful lashes!


bebe bird beck said...

Beautiful babies!!

Oh, those leg warmers are so so precious. And the yellow blanket is amazing! You are one talented momma!

Courtney Moser said...

Thank you for checking out my blog!

I am now following you too :) I love baby leg warmers, I did a post about them too!


Stephanie Thigpen said...

How sweet are those sleeping pictures?! Adorable!!

Nessa said...

those leg warmers are so cute!