Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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How did my husband and I meet?
I had been in two bad relationships and after leaving the second I prayed that God would keep me uninterested in any man until it was the one I was to be with for the rest of my life with. I kid you not two weeks later this went down.
My husband and I met on myspace. One day he was randomly browsing local people when he came across my photo.

He told me long after we got together he was going to write something sarcastic about the picture since I was all "emo" looking in it.

He told me that he decided not to after he read my profile and read all that I had been through.
On my profile I was talking/ranting about how I was SOOO over guys because they were all jerks and I never wanted to talk to one again. I had posted about my previous relationships and how they both were horrible and wished I had never gotten into them. I posted about how I had had one miscarriage and was currently pregnant with another.

Jonathan wrote me a message on myspace saying he was sorry for how I had been treated in the past and that what he was going to write I was going to take with a grain of salt, and I did. He was telling me about how not all guys were jerks and that some really did care for the SO's and what not.
Of course I blew him off thinking, "yeah whatever, anyone would say that". Remember this date: Nov. 19, 2004.

About a month had passed when I received another message from him telling me Merry Christmas and he hoped I had a wonderful day. I wrote him back saying that I was not having a good Christmas as I was currently going through my second miscarriage. He wrote back apologizing for that and all I had been through.

We began talking on chat for about a while before he gave me his phone number. I refused to give him mine. I programmed his number into my phone and one day (I was still a senior in HS) sitting in class I decided to text him. My heart was beating so fast and I was sweating I was SO nervous just to TEXT the guy lol. I told my mom I met a man on the internet that I thought I was going to marry. My mom thought I was crazy.

One evening he asked me to call him. I refused.
He asked if he called me if I would answer the phone. I said probably not. I was incredibly shy.
Well he called and I was shaking and sweating so much but I answered, and to my surprise I talked! AHH. I was sure I would freeze up and not be able to get a word out, but he made me so comfortable. We talked all night and decided to meet up one day before school/work. Turns out he worked literally right around the corner from where I went to school.

We met a couple days later on Jan 19 I believe it was (his birthday) at Mcdonalds. I packed my sister and 4 friends in the car with me to go meet him because there was NO way I would go by myself. My parents taught me about all the creeps on the internet. When we met I said 'Hi" and "bye" the entire time we were together. MY little sister was the one to ask to see his ID because he looked older than 23. But he was!

He had also told me online about how his mother was a "musician" of sorts, that he had a colorblind uncle who was a painter, an uncle who was a doctor and so on. So I had my doubts about what he was telling me, but something just felt right about him even though I thought he was telling tall tales! lol

Well fast forward to February (WOW A WHOLE MONTH LATER) and we went on our first date. Though he asked me out as "friends" at the end of the night we ended up a couple.

On (remember this date as well) May 26, 2005, I graduated from high school and after my parents, his parents, my aunt and uncle and Jonathan and I went out for lunch at my favorite restaurant (La Fogata). I saw my dad outside talking to someone who worked there and I assumed that they were planning something special for my graduation. I was in for a BIG surprise!

After eating lunch, the waitress brought out a huge sopapilla (sp?) and handed me a knife and fork and told me to cut it. I tried several times to pass it off to Jonathan to cut because "I didn't know how" but then everyone at the table told me at like the same time "CARI JUST CUT IT!" So I went to cut it and there was something hard in it. I opened it up and there was a box covered in foil in it. I opened it and it was a RING.
Jonathan handed me a rolled up piece of paper which had the SWEETEST poem on it then he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.

I cried and said yes.

We got married (remember the first date I asked you to remember?) November 19 2005.

We had our son Judah (remember the second date I asked you to remember?) May 26, 2006.

We have had our shares of ups and downs.
When it's good it's AMAZINGLY good, when its bad, it's REALLY bad!!!!
But "for better or for worse" was part of our vows to each other and we have fought hard to keep things together, and with all our hard work have made it through a ton of hard times.
We will continue to be strong, we will continue to work hard during hard times.

We will never stop loving each other.

Jonathan is my ROCK in hard times and I thank God for him every night. He is what I have prayed for in a spouse ever since I was a little girl, AND MORE!
God has blessed me beyond belief with my husband and I must admit, I am guilty of taking it all for granted.

I need to work harder on my role as a wife.

I love you. I love how you treat me like a princess. I love the way you hug me and kiss me. I love how you know me better than I know myself most times. Thank you for sticking by my side through all of my stupid decisions and all of my problems. You are truly a wonderful man of God and it shines through you all the time.

Love ME!

Older Photos!

This was 2 or 3 weeks after having Judah. I lost a ton of weight due to my anxiety and depression!


Done at Elitches.

He surprised me with tickets to see Corteo Cirque De Soleil!

Apparently he wanted to a picture of me zonked on him. lol

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Joni said...

such a sweet couple. Jason and I met on myspace too. and it was after both of us just got out of a bad relationship. actually, bad marriages. i am glad to see other people with great success stories of meeting their love online.

Mrs.Vickie said...

You guys are so cute!