Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Project 365

Days 40-46

Day 40
Day 40: I have one precious niece! I could eat her up!

Day 41
Day 41: My first MATCHING pair of baby legs! My sister LOVES them and I think she may use them a lot with Addie!

Day 42
Day 42: My husband says "I have rendered the girl motionless... She takes after you!" My kids and myself LOVE having out backs rubbed/scratched. If someone is rubbing our backs we won't move a muscle. We just take it the nice rub!

Day 43
Day 43: I was so sad my husband had to work today, but it turned out for the best as we got to make his v-day gifts!

Day 44
Day 44: We had Rubios with my FIL, SIL, BIL and nephew Zeke and niece Becca.
It was fun AND yummy!!!

Day 45
Day 45: My new sewing machine. It is SO simple to use. I got it because it was for beginners and I haven't really sewn anything. I still need a TON of practice though!

Day 46
Day 46: We spent a few hours at the zoo today since it was SO nice out. I am glad the kids had so much fun!

Wordish Wednesday Live and Love...Out Loud


Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos! She is too cute :]

Lindsey V said...

Love the pic of your niece! Those eyes are just breath-taking! I, too, think those valentine heart pants/legs are just adorable. And I, too, am immobilized by a back rub/massage/scratch...heck...just a touch that HINTS that I might get a massage!! HAHAHAH!!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Love all these! Your baby niece is absolutely precious (as are everyone else!) ;)

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