Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Project 365

Project 365- Days 47-60

Day 47
Day 47: This is where I go to see my psychiatrist. The building is actually kinda creepy lol

Day 48
Day 48: Spazz watches over the kids as they color.

Day 49
Day 49: I have been craving ice! I want it 24/7!

Day 50
Day 50: We went to Joes Crab Shack (YUM) and our super friendly waiter told me to take a picture of him with my dad. lol

Day 51
Day 51: We went to the downtown library. I always have to BEG my husband to take me. He hates going there but I finally got him to take me lol

Day 52
Day 52: We went to the Denver Botanical Gardens. My husband's first time going there!

Day 53
Day 53: I made these super cute baby leggings for my little guy due in May! I can't WAIT to use them on him

Day 54
Day 54: My dads hospital board. Becca wrote a sweet little message to him the night before his surgery.

Day 55
Day 55: I did a TON of this while at the hospital. I am so glad I brought it. It kept my hands and mind busy while dad was in surgery. Everything went as planned and dad is now home and recovering

Day 56
Day 56: These things should be BANNED!
Or at least put a warning on the box about being addictive

Day 57
Day 57: We went to Africana Cafe #2 for my "birthday" dinner.

Day 58
Day 58: I am obsessed with getting fabric remnants at stores. :)

Day 59
Day 59: My first attempt at binding a blanket. it's a bit wonky and I totally spaced placing an X in one of the squares but thats easy. I just wish it turned out better

Day 60
Day 60: Making these seems like it should be so easy, but apparently I don't do so well.

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