Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I don't have a title

I am SO tired. I didn't sleep well last night. I caught my little mans cold and I am miserable.
My head feels like it's going to explode and my entire body feels like it has restless leg syndrome.
I tried to sleep but couldn't get comfortable at ALL because of my body.

Today I have to take in Judah's kindergarten application!
I am so nervous, I don't want to send him to school yet. He is still SO little.

I was talking to Jonathan about how nervous I was and started crying and Judah told me "I won't be scared going to school mommy, I will just walk right in and meet my new friends!" awwww.
Then he asked his dad, "Daddy, why doesn't mommy want me to go to school?"

I don't want to make this any harder on him by being an emotional wreck but the tears just pour and I can't help it. I try to be strong but I have so many fears in the back of my mind that I let take control.

I just get so nervous and just want everything to go ok. I love him so much.

I am currently working on my next giveaway project.
The last one I made was NOT nice enough to give to someone.
I am very picky about what I give, and if I don't like it, its not going to be given away lol.
So lets hope this one turns out the way I have it planned in my mind!

And for fun
My grandmother Ora Jane who I named my Ora Koryn after is the little one being held. I think my Ora looks just like her great grandma! Her mother who is holding her is named Ora Annie. So the name Ora skipped a generation because my mom didn't like the name Ora. I love it though!

That is me in 40 years or so. Everyone tells me that I look just like my grandmother when she was my age, and everyone says Ora looks just like me so, this is Ora in 68 years or so :)


TIFFANY said...

I'm right there with you on being sick. The last two nights every time I started to doze off, my nose would start to run and wake me up. It happened again when I tried to take a nap this afternoon. The thing that would make me feel better is sleep, but that's just not happening. Ugh.

I've taught PreK and Kindergarten and let me assure you, you will not be the only one in tears on that day. I've even had some dads cry on the first day of school. :) My kids all went to daycare as babies, so kindergarten wasn't so bad. But, I remember my oldest's first day of daycare (I dropped her off for a whole hour)I sat in the car and cried my eyes out.

Don't worry, though, he'll do fine. :) It's always harder on mom than on the child.

Heather M said...

OOOOOH I'm sooo sorry that your not feeling well, I know that has to be miserable, I hope that you feel better ASAP!! I just wanted you to know that I posted about your giveaway! Im soooooooooo sorry That it took me so long! I hope that your week gets better!

Heather M said...

P.s I cry now at the milestones that my little guy meets, i cant imagine how ill be when he has to go to school, hang in there momma! <3

Nessa said...

Hang in there! I love the nam Ora... very pretty.

lovinangels said...

Kindergarten is hard. I'm sorry people left you nasties! I had a miscarriage, too, in between our first and second. I can't imagine ANYONE being cruel about something so heart breaking.

Although, truth be told, I still blame myself a bit.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm following you now. :)