Monday, April 4, 2011

Sick baby

My poor little lady is not feeling well.
She's been coughing all day and so much and so hard at times she has thrown up :(

I hate it when my babies are sick. I wish I could take all pain from them.

I am almost done with my nieces outfit I am making her, but my goodness, I keep misplacing things and its driving me crazy.

In the next couple of weeks I will be opening an etsy shop.
I am so excited to finally have a way to bring in some money, no matter how small.
Not to mention, it will boost my self esteem if people actually want to buy my things!

Waiting for the hubs to get home from picking up some stuff for Addies outfit that I left at my parents house.

Random pictures from my phone:

Sick baby girl

With the hat Grandma made her.

Boy with the hat grandma made him

Girl zonked in her dirty carseat. She is the messiest girl ever, I swear lol.

Judah already cuddles with his unborn baby brother!

He is adorable when he sleeps

Quite possibly the easiest shopping trip in the last 2 years :)

This is what happens when your little one falls asleep while holding a cup of dipping sauce for his fries! lol

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Nessa said...

Oh my asleep in the cart!