Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I have been away for days. More like weeks.

I have been gone for quite sometime.
I had a very hard time delivering Ari and ended with a c-section.
I after a few days of having Ari I got my severe PPD and PPA.
It was going on and on. All I did was sleep or when I woke up I would be crying.
I wasn't eating. I just wanted to die. I was so miserable.

Well, we decided to get me in to see a therapist and they recommended that I go back to Highlands Behavioral. I call it the "looney bin".

They adjusted my meds and got me stable and sent me home. I was in there for about 6 days.

I got out yesterday and got to see my kidlets and my little Ari. I got to feed Ari for the first time as well. It felt nice to hold him close to me and just love on him. He got tons of kisses that's for sure.

Speaking of Ari, he should be coming home this weekend! I am praying that everything goes well and he can actually come home.

They are weening him off of the methadone and as soon as that's done he should be coming home to be with his familia where he belongs! :)

Just wanted to let you all know whats been going on. I am going to be posting a birth story soon so keep your eyes open for that!

Just one picture of my mothers day flowers!
Beautiful mothers day flowers!!!!!

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Bliitz said...

im glad you & ari are doing better, so glad your home with the lil ones & super excited the newest addition to your family will soon be with you! Beautiful Flowers!