Friday, June 10, 2011

One Month

My little man is already 1 month old!
I can not BELIEVE it. He's such a sweet little man who LOVES to be cuddled.

He is also wearing 3-6 months old clothing! He is such a big baby boy!

He is so alert. So awake and just today I got my first smile from talking to him today. I carried him upstairs and put him on his brothers bed, leaned over was chatting with him and He just kept smiling at me.

I love the smiles.

It kind of makes me sad that he's a month old and has been home a total of 1 weeks and a day.
I missed out of so much especially because of my PPD & PPA.

The thing is, is I know I need to look ahead, to what God and life has in store for me, but I look back and dislike just about everything about those first 3 weeks with him in the NICU.

He's home now and thats all that matters.

Oh about the NICU, they wanted to feed him 3 oz every 3 hours, but Ari wouldn't do it. He refused to eat like that. He kept loosing weight.

They finally sent him home and now he's a whopping 11 lbs 8.5oz. Granted thats not big for being a month old after being born at 10lbs 13oz.

PIctures of my little one month old.

What happens when you kiss a hungry baby :P


Baby foot and big sisters hand.

Tiny toes


Total case of baby acne


Tiny fingers

He kept opening his eyes SO WIDE!

Poor baby with his acne.


Tomorrow I might post some pictures of the other kids and some more of him. I may have a busy day though. We will see!

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