Thursday, June 9, 2011


I am so tired.
I forgot how tiring being a mother to a newborn is AND I have a wonderful husband who does half the night feedings.

The problem is, is Ari cries a lot! More than his brother or sister does and we try gas drops and everything we can think of but he just cries.

We are both so tired.
But our precious little man is so worth it.

Tomorrow he will be one month old.

I will do a bigger update tomorrow about it and other stuff as for right now, I am going to go shower since I have not showered in days because every time I try to Ari cries.

He's to hoping he allows me to shower. I feel yucky.





TIFFANY said...

I have been there. I had two who were "criers". It was colicky, just they cried a lot. Don't have a lot of advice except don't be too hard on yourself. It won't last forever (even though it seems it at the time). And don't be afraid to let him cry for a few minutes. I remember putting my daughter in her crib one day, going into the bathroom, closing the door, and turning on the water so I couldn't hear her. I stayed in there for 3-4 minutes and she ended up falling asleep. :)

Rebecca said...

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful babies. I felt so gross after I gave birth, I think I showered twice a day for like two months!