Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It has been too long!

I have been so bad about updating my blog.
I just get busy or distracted so I forget to update.

So.. where to start....?

Judah is doing GREAT in school. I am so proud of him. He is learning and growing so much everyday it amazes me! Judah is reading and writing now. He is writing just how he should for being in kindergarten. He needs more help with his reading but that's more of a stubborn issue.

Ora is being my typical Ora. She's so cute and loving, but rotten at the same time. She thinks she can get away with murder because she is so cute. Doesn't work. She is a sweet girl though and I love her so much. She is learning her abc's and knows most and can count to about 15 then gets messed up.

Ari is getting so big. He is such a big boy. He is 9 months old almost 10 months. Next week we have his appointment to be weighed and everything. He is a sweet happy baby (most of the time) but man does he have a temper when he gets angry.

Jonathan and I are good. We are discussing moving to Portland Oregon summer of 2013. It may or may not happen. It's hard to say as it all depends on jobs, housing and other factors.

Well I will leave you with some pictures:






My daughters splotchy face after crying

Silly man!

I can't believe how BIG he is getting!

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