Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Walking Dead- Wordless Wednesday with Words

The other night my sister Kathi told us about Walking Dead night at Copper Kettle Brewery.
I decided to go. I don't usually go out at night time but it sounded fun and I missed my little sister so we went.

My friend Kali babysat for us and we went out to the brewery.
When we got there it was so dead. I am actually glad it wasn't packed. It was a small group of people most of the people there were people I knew as well. I have a bit of social anxiety so it was nice knowing almost everyone there.

Anyway. It was a nice relaxing night. Everyone had a couple beers and watched the newest episode of Walking Dead.

Here are pictures of that night.

Myself, Dylan and Jonathan
Mike, myself, Dylan and Jonathan.
Mike and my little sister Kathi. Clayton in the background with the hat on.
Dylan and Jonny
And mike.

All in all it was fun and I hope to do it again.

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