Sunday, March 4, 2012

Favorite Photo Of February

This is my favorite photo of February.
Love this adorable boy!


Mom Tried It


photo by ansku said...

I love the feeling of this image - the peaceful sleep that you can just feel by looking at it...
You might think about composition - now your son is in the middle of the photo, but it might be more interesting if you cropped out a bit from either side, so his head wouldn't be in the middle...?

Kim said...

I love the processing of this shot. The colors and tones are great. I would suggest maybe a tighter crop. Just his face against the fabric. I would crop to make the photo just in front of his ear and over to the right. Then from just above his hand to the top. It will still have that feeling of peace and cuteness, but have a little more umph. ;)
Very sweet shot. I love it.

Thank you for linking up.

- Jessi - said...

So sweet. Sleeping babies are the best lol. All I really have to say is just watch your focus. It seems a little soft to me and the focus should be right on the eye lashes to make them pop. :)

homeschoolceo said...

Very sweet! A lovely capture. I love sleeping babes. I agree with Kim on the cropping, pulling it a bit tighter would really keep the focus on that cute snuggly face :)

Julie said...

Nothing beats a young sleeping face to define peace and comfort in the world. Your color treatment helps keep that calm sense. The cropping could still be stronger. The hand in the bottom right is distracting to me. You might be about to tighten in starting at the ear and going right. Beautiful.