Monday, March 19, 2012

Late St. Patty's day post!

We had a good St. Pattys day!
Woke up and just lounged around the house for a good part of the morning.
We then headed to my parents and my mom sister and I all went to WW. I lost .6 lbs.
I could have done much better. This week I will.

Anyway we went to eat after WW.
Then we went back to my parents and my husband set up my sisters new droid phone.

At 1 pm we had a birthday party to attend.
It was a lot of fun.
It was for our neighbor girl Emma who just turned 3.
Ora had been talking about the party the entire week! She was so excited to go to Emma's party. After Emma's party I came home and took a nap. My husband took the oldest two kids to my parents to work on my moms phone.
When he came back home we left, again, for another ST. Patricks party.
This one was very low key but fun. Until Ora started acting up and pushed her brother.
We decided it was time to go home.

My husband helped me get all the kids to bed then he went to two other parties lol.
Even if I had a babysitter I was too pooped to go to another party.

Here are our pictures!

Ari tried to help daddy on the computer. lol
My boys


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