Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Top Quarterly 5 Photos!

Not having my DSLR really is a bummer, but I took pictures anyway, of course. Here are my Quarterly Top 5.

1 My daughter and her CUTE little pouty face!

2My goofball son. I love him!

3My little lady cuddling on me!

4That smile gets me EVERY TIME!

5I love eyelashes shots!

I had a HARD time choosing photos. I love all pictures of my kids, even the not great quality ones!


Amber said...

There is def. something about the smiles of our children that changes everything. Thanks for sharing your family with us!!!!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

This is such a sweet set - I especially love your first two shots.

Michele said...

Love the photos of your beautiful family! TFS - happy to have found you over on amazing Amber's blog.

Sarah Halstead said...

Such cute shots. I love that last one.

Amy said...

That last photo is so sweet. :) Thanks for commenting on my own Quarterly Top 5 photos!