Thursday, March 29, 2012

Writing Prompt: Things your child can teach you.

2.) Things your child can teach you.
I chose this prompt because my children have taught me many things.
Things a child can teach you!:

1. How to relax and just have fun! All of my children have helped me learn to just have fun. To not be so uptight about everything. They bring out the kid in me and we love playing and just having a blast!

2. To be who you are and not care if other people like you or not. My son has really helped teach me this because I have never seen him try to conform to anyone else's ideal of what he should be. He is who he is and if that means he's a goofball then thats that. 3. That everybody deserves love and respect. My son is a caring loving little man and I am proud to call him my son. He is kind to all of his class mates. There is one boy in particular that I noticed on the field trip this past Friday who was being teased by other class mates. My son is so sweet he has befriended that boy even if it means he gets picked on as well.

4. PATIENCE! All of my kids have taught me patience. They all do things that irritate me but I just have to take a step back and really think about what I am so upset about. I have learned I need to have patience as they are just that, kids, and they are growing and learning. ajuudah 2 aarri


Betsy said...

Patience! Yes! It's the only way for your sanity to survive parenthood!

Jen said...

Children are the best teachers. :)

Stopped by from Mama Kat's.

May said...

Relaxing, fun, patience and loving yourself. Honestly, that is a whole lot of wisdom packed into those sweet little cherubs.

Katiemc said...

What a bunch of cuties. You do learn patience when they are young. That does not really change when they are grown. If I did not have Jesus, I would not have patience.

Mama Kat said...

LOVE the pictures of those little munchkins. I wish my kids taught me to be more patient...instead they've taught me how to throw really awesome temper tantrums! ;)