Thursday, April 5, 2012


So I got a dog on the first. This adorable little Pomeranian Shih Tzu mix.
She's a sweet little girl.
Well on the first day I got her she got away.
I chased her for 2 hours and had like 10 other people trying to catch her.

She is sticking in the neighborhood.
Close to our townhome.

She doesn't really let anyone get close to her and now she has an injured leg.
She made it through a nasty snow storm.
I tried so hard to get her in before it but she didn't come in.
So we (myself and some other ladies in the neighborhood) are all working on getting her.
It's hard trying to get people to stop chasing her.
We have a humane trap set out.
She didn't go in last night. Hopefully she will tonight.

I just want my puppy back.



momto8 said...

sooo cute!! good luck getting her back!

Christi Lynn said...

oh cute!! I love puppies :)