Friday, October 19, 2012

Funny Stuff

I just want to post some fun conversations that have been happening in my family!
I got this ADORABLE idea from Becky over at

I had so much fun reading her post that I just HAD to make one myself!.

Here is my little family:
Mount Rushmore, August 2012

One morning bright and early, Ora woke me up wanting to "cuddle" a.k.a. lay and roll all over me.
I was still so tired that I decided to tickle/kiss/squish her cheeks, etc etc so that I would drive her nuts and she would leave so I could sleep.
After a bit of this she was not leaving so I decided to ask if I was annoying...
Me: "Ora, am I annoying?"
Ora:(smiling sweetly)"No.. You're just awesome!
Melt my heart little lady!

We were at my parents house after school and I was making Judah do his reading homework.
Jonathan walks in from out side and the funniest thing happened.
Jonathan: (referring to a dog) "She was sitting out back just shivering, the door was open and everything but she just wouldn't come in" Judah: "Who? Grandma?" Jonathan and I: (thought Judah would know we were joking) "Oh yes Judah. Grandma!" we chuckled
I made Judah finish his reading and when he was allowed to get up he ran out back. From the living room we hear this-
Becca (my niece): "Judah, you aren't allowed outside, it's too cold and you don't have a coat!" Judah- "But Grandma is out there and cold, but I can't find her!!" Jonathan and I cracked up! He was so concerned about grandma, we told him we were just joking. He was a little embarrassed but thought it was funny!

Over Google Messenger:
Jonathan: "What's the plan tonight? Can Mike take me for a beer after work?"
Me: "Is it your night out?"
Jonathan: "Maybe, I'm just asking if we have anything planned tonight...
Me: "Which Mike?"
Jonathan: "M***ow"
Me: "Where?"
Jonathan: "Don't know yet, but you are not answering my questions"
Me: "I need info. Where, when you think you'll be home, etc.
Jonathan: "I need information before I can provide you info because if we have stuff planned then my answer is no to him but it we don't then my answer is yes and I can then get the information to you that you're asking for. See the process of data flow I'm referring to now? In short I can't answer you until you answer me.
Me: "Well. we may have plans depending on where and when you'll be home"
Jonathan: "That's possibly the most arbitrary and ambiguous answer I have gotten to any question ever. Are you a politician?"
Me: "Yes"
Jonathan: "Fail!"
Me: "I am the President of The House Of Terbush"
Jonathan: "Psssshhhhh. More like the Dutchess of Pinterest"
Me: "lol"
It went on a bit past that. We are so incredibly nerdy but we amuse ourselves!

Ariah is just learning how to walk.
When he tries to sit down we say "No, stand up, you can do it."
He takes about two steps and gives up and when we make him stand up again he screams bloody murder
Then after I had dropped Ora off at school I was buckling Ari in his carseat and said "Are you ready to go home and take a nap??"
Ari copped an attitude and said "NO!"

My children are AMAZING and I love them dearly!!

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