Thursday, October 18, 2012

Falling with a child on your hip//Embrace The Camera

Today I picked the kiddos up from school. We stayed at the playground for quite some time since I didn't have gas to travel all over and my parent/teacher conference for Ora was at 5:40, so I just let the kids play. It was a lot of fun and Ari was SO close to walking, and there were SO many cute photo op's but of course my phone had died AND i lost my point and shoot camera battery charger :( Ari was hanging on a swing and walking back and forth. Judah and Ora were pretending to make ice cream. Well soon it was time to go see if I could find Jonathan who was meeting me at the school to watch the kids. I was carrying Ari and I some how tripped and fell. Amazingly enough my brain reacted faster than my fall and I grabbed Ari's head. We ended up on the ground, my knees and arm all scraped up, and my already injured hand hurt even more. I sat up with Ari and held him close and saying how sorry I was. I felt so bad. Sure, my body was hurting, but the sound of my baby's cries were more painful. I checked him over and Praise the Lord not a scratch on his body. I did protect him! Within seconds he was fine and crawling away from me as I checked my own body. It wasn't until Jonathan got there that I burst into tears! I just needed a hug. This is the first time I have fallen holding one of my children and all I can say is how scary it was. I am also linking up theandersoncrew for embrace the camera! 39e9cfba192311e2934a123138203b9f_7 My biggest baby. 6 Years old! Taken at like 6:30 am. Not looking great but that is OK I need more pictures of my babies and me!

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