Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have never known what to do with hair.
I have always just worn my hair in a ponytail.
Well I have never done much with Ora's hair.
I usually just let it be. Run a brush through and be done
Well. I started getting pretty jealous of other little girls cute hair.
So recently I have been playing with Ora's hair and trying new things.
Here are a two "styles" I have done recently.

First I tried double french braids.

These came out super wonky! lol. Keep in mind I have NEVER done a french braid before. This was my very first attempt and Ora has bangs and impossibly thin hair! She was also very wiggly so considering all these put together, they aren't TOO bad.

Next I did Bantu Knots. It curls the hair, and I have ALWAYS been a sucker for curly hair. With Jonathan and I both having super straight hair, I didn't get a curly hair child.

So bantu knots it was!!!

bantuknots3 bantuknots2 bantuknots

This morning she had ADORABLE curls!!!!.
Definitely needed styling though!
curls2 curls3
Why wasn't she born with these amazing curls!?
Curly Pigtails!
She LOVES her hair curled as well.

I didn't like the full pigtails, I wanted to see more curl, so I put half piggies in

This child never leaves ANYTHING in her hair, so I am surprised she left the bantu knots in! But I am so happy she did! What do you think?

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