Saturday, October 13, 2012

My reason for absence

I have been very absent from my blog since May. Why you ask? Because I felt like I was doing it for nothing. I felt people didn't care about my blog and didn't read it, but you know what? Maybe no one reads this and thats OK! I need to do this for myself to keep memories. A place I can look back at how my children have grown. To record all their silly little saying and moments of cuteness! I have already forgotten so many things that I have discovered in videos lately that I thought were lost forever and I want/need a second back up, plus you cant physically record your child's every saying because it's the funniest when it's not for show on the camera.

This year my boy Judah started first grade.

He had a VERY hard time transitioning into full day since he was only half day kindergarten last year. The first two weeks he cried every single day to the point of clinging to me and begging to not have to go to school. I even got called into the school to try and calm the poor guy down. I was very worried that maybe someone had already started picking on him or something but whenever I would ask he would say he just wanted to stay home. Finally he told me that he missed me too much during the day and just wanted to be home with me. He also said that at lunch time the room is too crowded and he felt uncomfortable. But with the help of his sweet teacher and even his kindergarten teacher he made some new friends and by the third week of school he was doing very well and has continued to as well. He even drew a picture of himself and a lady and drew a heart above them. His teacher asked him if that was his mommy and he said "Not this time. This time it's you". So thankfully he likes her.

Then my little Miss Ora entered ECE this year.

She LOVES school and hates that she can only go half day. She wants so badly to go full day but she is going to have to wait for first grade. She talks about all her friends all the time. Brings home her amazing school work. She is so excited to learn, she loves her teacher and talks about her all the time. Every morning when we drop Judah off she begs to go to school then, but she doesn't go until 1 pm. One day she tried to sneak into the morning class as well! HAHA Everyone talks about what a delight she is to have in class and how she is always smiling. She is wonderful.

Ariah is my handsome baby.

He is already almost 1 1/2! It is SO bittersweet! I am so excited for my diaper changing days to be over. I am also LOVE watching him grow and change! He is so smart and wonderful. He talks ALL the time which is completely different from his brother and sister. Judah and Ora barely talked until they were three! But they were both walking by 15 months. Ari REFUSES to walk. I know he can walk because he got distracted and was walking across the room but once he realized that he was walking he sat down. Rotten child :). Other than the walking he is very mobile. I like to say he loves to travel vertically not horizontally. He has been able to crawl out of his exersaucer since he was 8 months old. He can now climb out of his playpen and he climbs anything he can!

My kids are my world and I love them to death!!!

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Veronica Lee said...

Keep blogging! You'll be surprised that that are many people who read your blog though they don't always comment.

Your kids are adorable!

Have a blessed Sunday!