Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! #NaBloPoMo

The beginning of the day was not so hot.
I slept until about noon because, well I was exhausted.

Jonathan woke up sick with a tummy bug of some sort, so that threw our original plans for the evening out the window.

My dear friend Toni invited me and the kids over for dinner since we weren't going to be doing anything.
Of course I took her up on the offer as I love her and don't see her nearly enough. She is also an amazing cook ;)

So we had roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, delicious made from scratch stuffing and for desert we had delicious sweet potato "pie".
Toni described it as sweet potato casserole since it didn't have a crust.
It was all gluten and dairy free and it was amazing!!!

While we were over there Ari attempted to kill himself.
He crawled up and down the stairs a lot as we were right there.
Well, he got upstairs and decided he wanted to crawl/slither backward to try ang go under the railing.
I got under him but had no idea how to catch him because he was coming down feet first!

I yelled "SOMEONE HELP"!
Luckily Judah wasn't in lalaland like he normally is and ran over and wrapped his arm around Ari's bottom and pulled him back up.
No more going upstairs anymore over at Toni's because of this. At least not without an adult right there to follow him around.

The problem is, is Ari is completely FEARLESS!
Nothing scares him. He will climb everything and do so many things that a baby his age should NOT be doing yet.

He takes after my husbands cousin Peter.
Peter was born premature. He was a micropreemie baby, born at home.
He should not have made it, but his momma wrapped him in foil to help him maintain body heat and they rushed to the hospital.
Despite all the things that happened he lived! He was a survivor.
Peter, like Ari, was fearless.
Peter later in life took up rock climbing.
One day he and two friends went up to do some rock climbing.

Peter was belaying his friend when rock began falling.
The friend who was not belaying or climbing ran for cover.
Peter too could have run to protect himself, but he knew that if he had done that, his friend climbing would have been killed.
Peter gave his life for his friend that day!

Peter made the ultimate sacrifice for his friend.

"Greater love has no one than this,
that he lay down his life for his friends."

- Jesus Christ

If you would like to read more of Peters story click here

Well I am quite sleepy and I have another Thanksgiving Celebration tomorrow so I should get some rest, but here are some photos from today!

My gorgeous and amazing friend who was a great host tonight. Miss Toni Kaye:)
My gorgeous and amazing friend who was a great host tonight. Miss Toni Kaye:)

Ari Patrick says "jfesgkjfvhhdstunfdyuvphpga" I am pretty sure that means "Happy Thanksgiving"
Ari Patrick says "jfesgkjfvhhdstunfdyuvphpga" I am pretty sure that means "Happy Thanksgiving"

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! From Ora
Happy Thanksgiving!!!! From Ora

Dreaming that he is saying "Happy Thanksgiving"
Dreaming that he is saying "Happy Thanksgiving"

NaBloPoMo November 2012

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Gen said...

Looks like ya'll had a fun and crazy Thanksgiving!!! God Bless! Ari sounds like a cousin of mine!